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How many coffee bean types do you know of?

Updated on October 12, 2011

How many coffee been types do you know of? Have you eve been into any of your local stores and seen the shelves covered in different varieties. Just in your local store alone there are many different varieties.

This article is going to be one of several articles dealing with types of coffee beans that are available. There is no way I could squeeze all of them into just one article.

There are 2 main types of coffee beans available that are widely sold in your local stores. They are similar in manufacture but different in grading and richness of each bean. But, if you are a coffee drinker I know you have heard the names of these beans before. Even if you are not a coffee drinker you probably have seen it on shelves and advertisements in the past.

The first bean I am going to talk about here makes up a good majority of the worlds consumption and it has a proper name called coffee Arabica. This is the one that is most sought after and highly favored amongst coffee drinkers.

The coffee Arabica is most unique in several different ways. In particular is the way the plant has to grow. It has to be under very specific and unique growing conditions. First it needs to be at a very high altitude at least 1000 meters above sea level. Then the temperature around the plant cannot drop below 20 degrees Celsius. At these high altitude and mild tropical climate you get the bean to develop just the right way for a great tasting cup of coffee.

The Second type of coffee bean that I would like to talk about makes up the other 30% of the worlds coffee. This one is unique in its own way in that it can resist temperatures up to 27 degrees Celsius and it can be grown on many types of grounds and altitudes. It is a more robust bean and most casual coffee drinkers do not like the bitterness that is associated with these beans and so is not as popular among casual coffee drinkers.

The technical name of this coffee bean is coffea canephora but to the casual coffee drinker you may know it as Robusta. This bean is not as popular as the Arabic version and some might even consider it to be somewhat inferior to it so it is seldom sold by itself. The individual products that this bean is comprised of is that it does not have the strongest focus on flavor so it is sold more in cans and processed coffee to hide the beans.

The biggest factor that these two beans are used together because of the cost difference between the two can vary greatly. Sometimes the Arabica beans are packed together with the Robusta beans to provide a value coffee that normal consumers like you or myself can afford.

Now in your local town store you may not see the names of these particular beans on the labels but, most likely you will see the roasting method. The beans are generally never listed by themselves if they are it is a higher quality coffee.

So then you have the question what about the Blue Mountain, Kenya, El Salvadoran, or Brazilian coffee. Truth be known, that these are all a type of Arabica bean they are more prized because of the locality that they are grown in and the type of weather or altitude the beans are grown in.

For example one very popular bean is the Blue Mountain it is known to have a flavor of being very mild in taste. This is because of the cool and misty climate that is exclusive to the blue mountain areas of Jamaica.

So if you are looking for a coffee with this particular taste you would find beans in the mild range of the spectrum. Similarly, El Salvadoran coffee would have a completely different texture and taste because of the local that it is grown in. Now you know that if you are talking about types of beans there are only two. But, if you are looking for specifics on brands of beans or texture or taste there are many more to specifically categorize and touch on. Which I will do in upcoming articles so please check back often.

To learn more about the love of everything coffee please visit my website where the love of coffee will permate you soul


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