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How really old people live so long? Foods and drinks

Updated on July 22, 2014
Fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables are good.
Fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables are good.
Wholesome foods produced by one's self is very important for those who have their own lands
Wholesome foods produced by one's self is very important for those who have their own lands
Fruits and vegetables are beautiful.
Fruits and vegetables are beautiful.

Eat right: live long

The really old people that I have had an opportunity to care for has helped me to have a better, more healthy life.

Although food is a critical factor, other factors are essential also. For example, most really old people get enough sleep. Quality sleep is essential for a long life. Managing stress is also a critical factor for living long and well.

Liquids are important. Pure water, or water that is as clean as you can obtain it, is essential for long life.

I spent a good amount of time living with Japanese people at the base of Mount Fuji (4 years, actually). I had Japanese friends who grew green tea. The Japanese Matcha powder ground from the finest Japanese Tencha leaves produced the best drink for helping one to live a long productive life.

Any green tea is better than no green tea for helping one live a long life, however.

Pure coconut water is a great product also for replenishment of one's body with key electrolytes.

A friend of mine, a very successful football coach who has trained professional football players, have asked me to share my "cancer-free" diet initiative with him and I plan to publish the result of this work online. Some of the ideas that you are reading about in this hub will be included in that cancer-free diet plan.

Much of what I am writing, or saying about foods, you may already know. For example, avoid eating too much meat, especially too much red meat.

Chicken and fish are good foods if prepared carefully and if eaten in moderation.

For me personally, and from what I have learned studying old people around the globe, grazing, by eating fruits and vegetables, primarily, is the best way to live long.

Exercise, at least 30 minutes a day. But better, do like I do. I move around a lot, all the time, during the day, when you can. I walk whenever I can. I use steps instead of elevators except on the rare occasion when I am in a very big hurry.

I like to stay in motion, as opposed to living an inactive life or sitting around and doing nothing physical, as a rule.

You can live well beyond 100 years of age if you give life a little thought and practice some of the advice given above. The earlier in life that you began you long-life program the better off you will be.

There is more to this than what I have said. For example, one should practice safe sex, as a rule, to live long.

I wish you a long, productive, Joy-filled and healthy life.

God bless you.

As you go, Peace.


Dr. Haddox


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