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How to Buy American Food and Drinks Products in the UK Online

Updated on November 13, 2016

We all see American foods and drinks on television that we want to try like Twinkies or maybe something you had on holiday and can’t stop thinking about it. This Hub is going to show how and where to get your favourite American products online.

Firstly you want to make sure you get value for your money so make sure you check a lot of online stores, some will be cheaper than others.

The problem with getting American food online is sometimes the retailer will sell you expired goods, the best way to avoid this is to send the retailer a message in the contact area and tell you have had a problem with expired goods being delivered by doing this they will make a special effort to give you fresh products usually to keep you as a customer.

Some online retailers will let you select goods that they don’t have so make sure you go to the contact page of the website to enquire.

Top Ten Favourite American Products

#1 Twinkies

This is a popular snack cake in America, you have probably seen it in movies like Zombieland, and they are made by a company called Hostess. They are sponge cakes filled with cream in the middle, sound good right? Well they are also quite fattening with 150 calories per Twinkie, so easy on the Twinkies.

Deep Fried Twinkies

If the hundred and fifty calories wasn’t enough or you want some extra from your Twinkie, you can also deep fry your Twinkies, it is quite popular and has positive reviews. However it is not very popular outside of american so maybe it's worth a try? But be warned they are very bad for you nutritionally so have it as a treat every now and then.

#2 Lucky Charms

This is a famous American cereal made by a food company called General Mills; it has a rainbow colour collection of marshmallows that come in different shapes and has shaped pieces of oat cereal in it, which makes it a healthier option as oats is recommended to kick off the morning. You may have seen it in a film or you may recognise the Irish Leprechaun on the box.

There was some controversy that it may be offensive to Irish people because of the advertising campaign, however this is not been a wide spread issue of any sort. Always shake the box before pouring into the bowl to get a good mix of the marshmallow and oat bits, if not you will find you have a lot of marsh mellows at the bottom

#3 Mountain Dew

Mountain dew is a very popular American soft drink; it is citrus flavoured cola and has a green design on the can. They come in a small variety of flavours and have a diet version.

There is a U.K version of mountain dew called Mountain Dew Energy, this is an energy drink and is different from the American version.  It comes in a plastic bottle.

#4 A&W Root Beer

This is a tasty American Root Beer, it is best served cold and comes in both cans and glass bottles, is known for its frothy look and creamy taste it was founded in 1919 in California. It’s not the average beer you find in the U.K, it can also be bought in bulk in online stores, impress your friends when you whip out some root beer, they will have no idea where you got it from.

It is sometimes served with an ice cream float 

#5 M&M Peanut Butter

Yes there is M&Ms in the U.K but you don’t get the peanut butter ones, they are very popular and quite addictive, it’s like your regular M&M other than it has a peanut butter inside with a crunchy feel to it.

They are also the M&Ms dark peanut in a dark purple packet and some other tasty bites to try!

#6 Big Red Gum

This is a cinnamon chewing gum, its great because it keeps your breathe fresh and the taste last long what more could you ask for? However it is known to cause swollen tongue when taking in excess so easy on the Big Red Gum.

#7 Reese Bars

There are many popular Reese Bars and they come in many forms, however the most popular is the Reese Nutrageous Bar, it’s a creamy caramel, peanut butter, peanut crunchy and chocolate coated bar, the description alone tells you what an excellent chocolate bar this is.

#8 Hershey Cookies 'N' Crème Bar

Hershey’s have a lot of great products that come in all forms of packaging and taste but a favourite is the Cookie and Crème bar, its creamy white chocolate with crunchy cookie bits inside, no wonder it’s an all time favourite.

#9 Jolly Rancher Lollipops

These popular lollies come in all sort of flavours, such as apple, cherry and lemonade, its a popular sweet and not in the U.K

#10 Kelloggs Pop Tarts

From cookie and crème, to marshmallow and strawberry flavours, there is a pop tart for everyone, they are breakfast snacks you can pop in the toaster or microwave and have it hot in a few seconds, although you can eat it without warming it, I won’t recommend it. They can also be eaten for dessert and it goes well with Ice Cream.

Which One Do You Want The Most?

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Unleash the Entrepreneur in You?

Even if you don’t like snacking on American foods, why not sell it at a profit, whether to make a few extra hundreds a month or sell in a shop. Or better yet sell it to a shop at a profit, buying in bulk from an online supplier will get you a discount or you can contact the seller and they will be more than happy to give you a discount.

Thing to look out for before you buy

Make sure it is a good site or trustworthy you can find this out by a Google search (typing the company name a with scam on the end) or you can check for comments on the website to see if costumers have been satisfied, there is freedom of speech on the internet, if there are scams someone has written it somewhere so check it out first.

Also make sure there is a padlock sign on the web browser when you’re paying by card this assures you it is a private and safe transaction. Never buy products on other people’s computers as they may have key loggers on to steal your bank details.

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