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How to Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Updated on June 22, 2013

Recipe and variations

Scrambled eggs are a homely, comforting, everyday dish that is quick and easy to make. Put scrambled eggs on toast and add some grilled tomato and you have a quick and nourishing breakfast, meal, or snack. However, as with all egg cookery, there are points that cooks need to watch.


2 or 3 eggs depending on size and appetite

Milk or cream

Salt and pepper

A little butter (not oil it gets too hot, use margarine, if you must, but you will not get such a good flavour)


Take a non-stick pan; heat the butter until it is melted. Beat the eggs, add milk, or cream, add salt and pepper and beat enough to mix. Add the egg mixture to the butter in the pan. Turn the heat low. Beat with a wooden spoon. Keep the egg mixture moving around the pan. When it is soft, creamy, and fluffy, like clouds, not dry and hard, it is ready. The correct point is around a second before you think it is done. Eggs continue cooking after you remove the pan from the flame. Serve on hot buttered toast and eat immediately.

You can make scrambled eggs a little different and tastier by adding more ingredients.

The simplest additions are herbs and spices. Many herbs go well with eggs. Try beating rosemary, thyme, or chives into the egg mixture before cooking.

Some people put a pinch of curry or chilli powder into the egg mixture before cooking, for a touch, or more, of heat.

For a cheese Scramble add grated cheddar or other tasty hard cheese, when the egg mixture is beginning to thicken, beat vigorously so that the cheese melts and does not go stringy. You can further improve Cheesy Scramble beating a little mustard into the egg mixture before cooking. Some people like to fry a little finely chopped onion in the butter before adding the egg mixture for a cheese and onion scramble.

For a romantic breakfast, a little smoked salmon out into the egg mixture in the pan about 30 seconds before serving. Smoked Salmon does not need cooking only warming through. You can improve smoked salmon scramble by adding chives.

Always eat any egg dish immediately, especially scrambled eggs, they are delicate and go leathery, if kept waiting around. Which is why scrambled eggs are often disappointing in hotels and other catering establishments.

Scrambled egg is a comforting and homely dish that you can make luxurious, by adding various ingredients. Experiment with different flavours, but do bear in mind that some ingredients such as mushrooms, will colour the eggs an unappetizing colour, and may be better cooked separately.

Scrambled eggs are an excellent dish to perfect. You can have a quick and nutritious dish, whether for breakfast, a meal or snack, on the table in just a few minutes.


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