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How to Cook Salmon on the Grill

Updated on June 24, 2011

Why Grilled Salmon?

Salmon has a reasonable level of healthy fat, so it is among the superior types of seafood for grilling because fat helps prevent the fish from getting dried out.

Another big plus with salmon is the fact that it won't need a marinade or a lot of spices in order to taste great from the grill. Basic marinades or spices will usually be enough to provide a mouth watering grilled salmon fillet.

Plus the health benefits of eating salmon can't be beat. Salmon is loaded with good-for-you fats. It contains leptin, which helps you to feel full longer and reduce cravings. Salmon is a common item on the daily menus of some of the world's healthiest cultures. Grilled salmon tastes delicious, plus it's good for you. What more could you want?

When choosing a salmon fillet, try to find a filet which is around 1 inch thick. An inch thickness will be best for a perfectly grilled salmon filet.

How to Cook Salmon on the Grill

Salmon Grilling Guidelines:

If you wish to season each side of the fish, you need to get rid of the skin. Leaving the skin on will aid in preventing the grilled salmon from getting dried out because the skin consists of fat which keeps the fish moist. Eliminating the skin is purely a question of choice.

Now season the salmon or use a marinade of your choice. Salmon contains a naturally robust taste so a lot of spices is not needed. Salt and pepper together with a bit of fresh lemon juice is often all that is used for grilled salmon.

If you wish to marinate salmon, be sure to never keep it in a marinade for longer than a few minutes. If you leave it in the marinade too long, the fish can turn out being spongy when grilled.

Experiment with different spice combinations. Some ones that are really good with grilled salmon are horseradish, red pepper flakes, mustard, ginger, or dill. Rub or sprinkle spices on the fish right before putting it on the barbecue grill.

After you season the salmon, preheat the grill to medium heat. After the grill is preheated, decide how you would like to grill the salmon. You may either wrap it in aluminum foil so that it won't stick to your grill, or lightly brush the grill with a bit of oil so that the salmon will obtain a few grill marks for presentation.

After you put the salmon on the grill, grill it on the initial side for approximately ten minutes. When the salmon begins to turn opaque, that's when you turn it and grill the opposite side for another ten minutes. Don't let the fire flare up and come into contact with the fish. You can use aluminum foil beneath your grilled salmon to stop it from becoming burned.

If everything went smoothly, you should possess beautiful grilled salmon fillets ready to be devoured.

Grilled Salmon photo: ulterior epicure @flickr
Grilled Salmon photo: ulterior epicure @flickr

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    • profile image

      Paul Paulson 5 years ago

      good recipe, also look

    • profile image

      Faey 7 years ago

      Too delicious.

      Looks so beautiful.

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      1 inch thick, eh? those butcher in the supermarket seem to like to cut thin slices as well. I'll keep that in mind and everything else you recommend. This is a favorite dish of mine.

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Nice advice. I manage a seafood market and when I try to explain the benefits of grilling with the skin on, customers guffaw.