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Recipe: "Fish Fry in Oppa Gangnam oops...Kerala style!"

Updated on September 26, 2016
Fish Fry Kerala style.
Fish Fry Kerala style. | Source

by Salini

Okay it is food time!!! Before we proceed to the actual content 'A word of caution'

  • This recipe is not for people who are on diet.
  • Who would think twice before eating a fish fry.
  • Who are scared to touch even a drop of oil.
  • Who HATES spicy food
  • Who are really overly health conscious.

Those who falls under the above category YOU CAN READ THIS BUT DO NOT TRY THIS RECIPE AT HOME!!!

How about a bit ranting about myself before we begin?

I am just an amateur cook. To put the fact clearly, I have started cooking exactly from March 2009 on wards.

Why the date? Well after fifteen days of married life along with my in laws, in Kerala, I came to our home at Puducherry, India, on March 01 2009 (hence the date!).

The home that is away from both my and my husband's family and where we together are going to share many years of our life. So, undoubtedly, I had to learn cooking. Before our marriage I and kitchen shared a very hostile relationship. In short, I hated the kitchen more so the cooking!

Marriage is a big milestone in anyone's life, especially for a woman, who now has added responsibility of feeding her family a proper healthy food.

As a newly wedded wife there was a big problem staring at me mockingly and that was to fit in the shoes of two awesome cooks: my mom and my mom in law. If my husband's words are to be believed then I am a good cook.

Now, the point is whether he is telling the truth or his love to me is making him say these things. Well for my self confidence in cooking I have chosen to believe the former choice. Thus, I present to you our favorite dish: "Fish Fry Oppa Kerala style!" (Yes I Love the Oppa Gangnam style song!)

So Let the show begin...

Cook Time

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 20 min
Ready in: 40 min
Yields: Serves Two healthy people (and Four picky people!)


  • 500 gms ( 3-4 palm sized slices.) King fish or Seer fish, Clean and with bone. Although any fish an be used I am using king fish here.
  • 5 table spoon Red chilli powder, Yes I like it spicy. If you prefer less then deduce the amount
  • 1/4 tea spoon Turmuric powder
  • 1 table spoon Cilantro dry seed powder, You can get this in the market. If you don't get it, it is okay to omit this ingredient.
  • 1/2 table spoon Black Pepper powder, Preferably freshly grounded black peper powder.
  • Juice of one medium sized lemon Lemon/Lime juice
  • 75 ml Oil, SURPRISE!!! we are doing shallow fish fry.
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 small sized Onion, sliced in rings. For decorating.
  • 1 small sized Lemon (optional), cut in slices.For decorating.
  • Few Leaves Curry leaves(optional), For decorating
  • 1 small Tomato( optional), sliced, or carved.For decorating.
Images for illustration purposes only.
Images for illustration purposes only. | Source


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl until it blends well.
  2. Add the lemon/lime juice and 2-3 teaspoons of oil for making it a paste.
  3. Add 2-3 teaspoons of water, if necessary, to get the pasty consistency.
  4. Marinate the fish with the prepared paste and keep it aside, covered, for about 15-20 min.
  5. After 20 minutes.
  6. Put a shallow frying pan on medium heat and add 4-5 tablespoons of oil (75ml)
  7. Let the oil heat for 2 minutes. Then place the marinated fishes on the hot pan.
  8. Cook on one side for about five minutes and then flip it over. After 5 minutes lower the flame and flip the side.
  9. Repeat the process till the fish is properly cooked.

Fish Fry Oppa Kerala Style!

Images are for illustrations purposes only.
Images are for illustrations purposes only. | Source

Serve Fish Fry in Oppa Kerala Style!

Place the fish on a plate and decorate it with freshly cut Onion slices, Curry leaves, Tomato and lemon/lime slices. Serve hot.

Ok A Bit Of Nutritional information...

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 150 gms
Calories 140
Calories from Fat180
% Daily Value *
Fat 20 g31%
Carbohydrates 0 g
Protein 25 g50%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Have you Tried It? Why not rate your opinion about 'Fish Fry Oppa Kerala style'?

4.8 stars from 6 ratings of Kerala style Fish Fry


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    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      Thank you for dropping in here and appreciating this simple recipe, love.

      Try it and let me know... you will definitely enjoy it... :)

      Take care SkeetyD

      Have a nice day

    • SkeetyD profile image

      SkeetyD 4 years ago from Barbados

      Loving this recipe! I am a big fan of fry fish. We eat a lot of it here in Barbados.

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      Thank You Rajan for your kind words and vote. You really made my evening...:)

      Have a great day...:)

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Salini, thanks for sharing a wonderful Kerala style fish fry recipe. I love fish especially fried and we use Pomfret mainly. Thanks for sharing.

      Voted up and gave 5 stars.

      Have a wonderful day.

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      Thanks Kerry for stopping by. Glad you liked the recipe. :)

      And thanks for posting a comment.

      Have a beautiful day dear.

    • profile image

      Kerry43 4 years ago

      Hi! :) Wow, this looks fabulous, I am sure your hubby is right and that you are a wonderful master in the kitchen these days. My brother has traveled to India many times so he was the one who introduced us to Indian cooking. Yum! I can't wait to try this recipe.

      Thanks for sharing with us.


    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      lol quicksand.... you are just too awesome. Only you can come up with this type of outlandish request! why don't you try with carrot like you want and let me know the result? I am sure it is going to be great and about the loot! it is mine!!! buhahaha *evil laugh*

      Have a great day...

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 4 years ago

      Hi Life Iz!

      Can I use carrot instead of fish? You know very well that I did not catch anything on my previous fishing trip.

      I see you have permitted the gentleman above to substitute chicken for fish, and so I request permission to do likewise. But in my case it would be carrot in place of fish.

      Looking forward to a favorable response.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I have some important business to attend to. I've got to go and claim the loot! (My loot!)

      Thanks and cheers. :)

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      Ghaelach oh okay...then cook as you intended before... when your lovely wife goes visiting her parents.

      Enjoy the dish... cheers from me :)

      Have a wonderful day dear.

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Morning Salini.

      That's a great idea, the problem is she doesn't like the smell of fish cooking. I think it stems from her childhood, but we tend to get around this problem. I eat fish when we go out to a restaurant.

      Have a nice day.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      @Ghaelach hello,

      I have a better Idea... do the same process with chicken (if she likes just add a bit of ginger and garlic paste too) and surprise her!

      So you don't have to send her away to have a great dish... ;)


      Have a beautiful day ahead. N thanks for dropping in.

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      Hey @quicksand, I am sorry that you didn't find any good catch :( but happy that you still intend to make this dish. Yeah... go your boat perfectly at least this time boy... tuk tuk... ;)


      Have a great day dear...

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      Hey Audra, so happy you dropped in...n Micah is really good for you!!!

      lol I know that you know it... ;) Thanks for your compliment.

      Have a great day ahead...

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Morning Salini.

      Hey! this sounds a great meal, and I'm a big lover of fish. Unfortunately my wife is not such a lover. So this is one meal I will be trying when she away visiting her family.

      Take care Salini and have a nice day.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 4 years ago

      Hi Life Iz!

      I came back from my fishing trip empty handed! (I shall explain when I come to the forum to reclaim my loot!)

      However I am determined to make this dish ... and I will. Thanks for publishing this recipe.

      Now I've got to go. The boat needs repairing! (Wink!)


    • profile image

      AudraLeigh 4 years ago

      Micah loves a good fish fry! I am not a fan, but could make this for him. Your directions are easy to read too. Like the pics of their presentation! Great story of the family too!

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      @taztik Thank you so much for your comment.

      have a beautiful day ahead.

    • taztik profile image

      TIM JETER 4 years ago


    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 4 years ago from India

      Thank you Martin for dropping by and posting your comment.

      Have a great day ahead.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for this unique (for me) recipe.