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How to Cook and Prepare ‘Nasi Goreng’, Typical Indonesian Food, the Right and Delicious Way

Updated on October 24, 2011
Mm...what a yummy 'nasi goreng' this is... :p
Mm...what a yummy 'nasi goreng' this is... :p

‘Nasi goreng’ or the typical favorite fried rice for the people of Indonesia is a very practical breakfast alternative that also has quite a wide array of varieties. When you cook the so-called ‘nasi goreng’, you can often add quite a lot of things such as shrimp paste, tiny sea fish, sausages, vegetables or whatever may come across your mind. You can add just about anything you like so as not to get bored of the same taste of this particular Indonesian food all the time. However, no matter how delicious the additives you put may actually taste, the food itself, as a whole, may not taste so good if you don’t really know how to cook and prepare it the right way. You’ll end up with some mushy or unpleasantly looking ‘nasi goreng’ instead. Therefore, you may want to have a glance at some of the tips below to help you better understand how you can prepare a delicious dish of this typical Indonesian fried rice.

Choosing the Rice

To prepare a delicious dish of this food, you need to choose the right rice. If the rice you’re going to make into ‘nasi goreng’ is still hot, you’d better not cook it right away. You should instead let it chill out for a moment so that the rice will scatter quite easily. If you insist on frying the rice while it’s still hot, you’ll end up sticking it altogether and it won’t be anything close to nice or easy to chew for whoever eats it.

It’ll also help if you try to reduce the water volume when you cook the rice for the first time. This is intended to produce dry rice that is easy to scatter as well.

The Secret Spices

If you think cooking this typical Indonesian fried rice only with red onion, garlic and chili is enough, you’ll end up with a dish of ‘nasi goreng’ that tastes just enough as well. With that being said, you’re actually supposed to add some other variations to the spices used in cooking this menu. You can, for instance, add some fried and smoothed hazelnuts. This will make the rice taste even more deliciously. Alternatively, you may as well use coriander to give the rice even more taste.

Yet, if you don’t feel like getting into the hassles of preparing the hazelnuts or the coriander, you can use sesame oil instead. This oil can also make your rice taste more deliciously.

Keep the Spices Pleasant

The secret of keeping the so-called ‘nasi goreng’ looking pleasant is actually in how you cultivate the spices. Speaking of the spices, at the time you have them smoothed, you should stir-fry the spices until it smells quite fragrant. However, make sure that you don’t set up the fire too big. Then what you have to do next is to put them aside on your frying pan. Also, if you can see some spices remaining, you may as well use them to fry an egg. Add a little oil, too, if you think it’s necessary.

Then, after you’ve got the egg well-cooked, you can remix the spices. The next step is then to put in vegetables such as sliced scallions, mustard greens and also some sliced carrots. Then, a moment later, you’ll be able to put in the rice before adding some salt and soy sauce. Then, stir them evenly with medium to low fire level until you can smell the scent of the fried rice.

However, keep in mind that some branded soy sauces come manufactured with salty and savory tastes already. In that case, you’ll have to be careful while adding salt. Alternatively, you may not even want to put in extra salt anymore.

Experiment with the Varieties of the ‘Nasi Goreng’

You can feel free to create your own typical fried rice by adding this and that according to your taste. For example, you can add some sausages and meatballs, sliced chicken meat, crispy fried tiny sea fish or you can even add some pickles.

For some people, it may even be better if you make the ‘nasi goreng’ a seafood dish. Fortunately, making a dish of seafood ‘nasi goreng’ is fairly easy. All you have to do is to add some shrimps or squids. However, you’ll have to make sure that you don’t forget to use the British sauce. Using this particular sauce is compulsory as it may well strengthen the scent and flavor of the dish of fried rice you’re trying to prepare.

A rule of thumb in preparing a dish of the seafood fried rice is to first fry those that still have their shells intact, such as the shrimp. Well, you can then use the oil you used to fry the shrimp to eventually fry the rice. That way, the scent and flavor of the shrimp will really get into the rice. As a result, you’ll end up with an unrivaled dish of the seafood fried rice or ‘nasi goreng’.


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