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How to Decorate a Red Velvet Cake

Updated on April 20, 2013

How to Decorate a Red Velvet Cake

Decorating ideas and tips for decorating a Red Velvet Cake

Classic and devouring.

Red velvet cake, undeniably, is one of those almost perfect pastries to be served for all seasons. May it be under Santa’s sleigh for the Christmas or every lover’s Valentine boxes, this cake would always blend both your eyes and tongues for its almost universal color. You could even make the scary yummier by serving it as a blood cake for Halloween!

For every household, it would be heaven to prepare and serve red velvet cakes – may it be from the oldest member to the baby. However, what makes it a blunt recipe for dessert is its appearance of being three-layered red-colored cakes under their favorite icing. It may have a sumptuous color, but having a blunt preparation would make it look like your typical red pastry.

To avoid having that impression, here are some decorating ideas that would save your red velvet from being one of those crayola-type delicacies! Before proceeding, you must know already how to prepare red velvet cakes, may it be in your own baking or through your red velvet prepared packages!

Cherries and its own

Along the course of preparing the cake itself, we are to make modifications which would somehow mean spare portions of the cake. Aside from setting them aside and eat afterwards, why not try turning them into large chunks or crumbs and let them rolling over the side surface!

The trick here is simple: simply coat the plain layers with generous amount of cream cheese (a typical choice for coating) or any of your desired icings in a way that they almost look like ready to eat. Using the crumbs, enhance the appearance by putting them in a concentrated portion at the middle top of the cake. You may couple them with cherries to enhance the flavor.

If you prefer the larger chunks, just make them the substitute to your piped edge line designs. For the chunks, the cherries may be placed at the end of the edges or you may place three to four cherries at the center portion of the top and shield them with a little piped frosting.

But if you have cream cheese for the cake, you could simply make the crumbs finer and mix it before coating the whole surface; in that way, you would have that red dusty look that would make everyone amaze with the rough coat for a velvety surprise. This look is perfect for a White Christmas gathering or party.


Hesitant of putting sweet coconut to your red velvet? Why not push the limit and couple that with your favorite nuts or Pecan chips to have that coco-nutty look and taste!!! You could experiment with the frosting… you may use chocolate for this one or have a white vanilla base.

A hit for the children, start the design by having coconut shavings at the top of your coated cake. If you are gaga over enhancing the texture, you may spread it all around the surface, but somehow this would leave it a bit trickier. To ease the tedium of turning around, you may want to sue a plate cake; a turning cake is better than a turning decorator!

You could also have an alternate design for your coco-nutty red velvet surprise. You should first pipe twisted designs at the edges of your top portion to designate the boundaries between the coconut and the Pecan chips. Remember, this is best appreciated when your cake is round-shaped. Abundantly spread the coconuts at the top level until your desired thickness is achieved. Then, for the surface round the body, gently get some Pecan chips or some nuts, and gently paste them within the coat.

The cake need not to be covered with the designs entirely. You can have proportional or limited areas of design since the coating itself is a design if you would consider.


These decoration ideas are so perfect for all the seasons. Made to suit every holiday with your loved ones, these designs would assure your red velvet would be off for grabs at the dining table! With these designs, you could finally say there’s more to red velvet cake than its color.

Red Velvet Cake Recipe : Frosting the First Cake Layer

Red Velvet Cake Recipe : How to Decorate Red Velvet Cake


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