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How to Eat Chocolate

Updated on June 15, 2010

How to Eat Chocolate

While gobbling up a candy bar in a matter of seconds may be second nature to most of us, chocolate enthusiasts believe there is a better, more enjoyable way to munch on America’s favorite sweet.  Eating this delicious treat has become an art, complete with its very own special process.  Guided by the passionate advice of “chocolate snobs,” this Hub will teach you how to eat chocolate and enjoy every hint of flavor you never tasted before.

1. Choose the Right Location

Have you ever noticed how a Hershey bar can go from a scrumptious morsel to a melted mess in the blink of an eye? According to DARS chocolate, 71.6° Fahrenheit (22° Celsius) is the temperature that brings out the full chocolate experience. According to common sense, any temperature over 90° F or under 40° F is going to make for a frustrating snack time.

2. Have an Eye for Beauty

Staring at a freshly unwrapped candy bar may get your tummy rumbling, but that is not the point of this exercise. You can quickly identify a chocolate’s quality by whether or not it has a glossy finish. A smooth, shiny surface means the cocoa butter and cocoa mass have bonded tightly. This is the sign of an excellent piece of chocolate.

3. Can You Smell That?

Although chocolate is not know for having a strong scent, learning how to pick out unique “flavor notes” will greatly improve your ability to taste those flavors when it comes time to eat. Simply rub your finger or thumb across an edge of the chocolate and you will release some of its smell.

4. What Was That? I Thought I Heard Something

Assuming you haven’t gulped down your candy bar yet (congratulations for showing such remarkable patience!), the noise in question would be the snap of your chocolate breaking. The sound of good chocolate is sharp and crisp. Poor quality chocolate bends or sounds brittle when broken.

On a side note, even excellent chocolate will sound wrong if it is the wrong temperature, so try store it near 70° F. Another tricky situation is trying to listen to a chocolate with a cream filling in the center. Your best bet is to pause during the first bite to hear whether it cracks sharply or collapses without a sound.

5. Schrmpf, Ymm, Ahh

Yes, you can eat now – but slowly. To taste the chocolate completely, it is important to keep it in your mouth for more than a fraction of a second. Roll it across your tongue and press it against the roof of your mouth. After a couple moments, it will begin to soften and melt. This process gives your taste buds enough time to register the full range of flavors contained in the chocolate bar and can significantly prolong the flavor of each bite.

6. Sigh…And Repeat

The process may take more self-control or patience than you may be willing to give and that is perfectly ok.  Remember, the goal is to enjoy the experience rather than forcing yourself to do what other people think is best.  However, I sincerely hope you found this process enjoyable, even enlightening, and wish you full flavor in your next delicious bite!

Choose the Best Way

How Do You Eat Chocolate?

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    • GreenTieCommando profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Good hub! I'm experimenting with re-learning different senses and just tried eating today. There are so many things we ignore about food! (especially when eating while browsing the web :P )


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