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How to Eat Paleo on a Budget?

Updated on August 22, 2017
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She's a children's author who's mindful of her eating habits! Though she budgets her money, she manages to eat healthy, organic food.

Save Money with These Easy Paleo Tips

The Paleo way of eating advocates heaps of vegetables in every meal with a meat dish. It's simple to prepare a nutritious meal once you plan ahead.

  • Instead of buying packaged meats that contain additives, preservatives and MSG, you can store fresh servings of fish, chicken or beef in plastic freezer bags for parties of one, two, or four.
  • Store frozen vegetables and fruits in your freezer and use when ready to eat. Frozen produce is picked and packed at the peak of freshness and contain more vitamin C than the ones sitting at your farmer's market shelves.
  • Prepare a fresh vinaigrette dressing with fresh or powdered herbs, instead of using the expensive store bought ones.
  • Make meat stock from left-over bones and store tasty blocks of it in ice cube trays. Use your gelatin stock in soups and egg dishes.

You can marinate your meat the night before to save time, and prepare a streamed vegetable dish right before dinner. Roasted vegetables are a favorite and so is a tasty salad that contains greens, onions, and avocado.

If you grow your herbs and vegetables in your yard, you can save heaps of money. For instance, rosemary grows like a weed and thyme matures fast. You'll enjoy tasty organic food that's free.

If you live in a warm climate planting a few fruit trees that are common for your region helps tremendously. In Florida it's easy to grow citrus trees.

Paleo Is a Clean Mode of Eating

Paleo omits grains, gluten, legumes, dairy and added sugar. Once you start to feel terrific, you won't miss eating bread, rice, pasta, cheese or potatoes and peanuts. Seed oils like corn, canola and safflower are avoided too. These foods create inflammation and disease in the body. Olive oil and coconut oil are the best ones to use with your salads and cooking.

Added sugar is terrible as well and you should stay clear of corn syrup, raw sugar, Splenda, aspartame and Equal. If you need to sweeten a beverage like tea, then Stevia works best. It won't create an insulin spike in your blood because it is a plant that contains zero calories.

Drink filtered water throughout the day, preferably half your body weight in ounces. You can add a slice of lemon wedge for flavor, instead of drinking juice, soda or sweet tea that will spike your insulin levels.

Assure that your meats are from healthy animals and seafood wild caught. You want your cows to be grass fed and poultry free-roaming and additive free. They shouldn't have been nurtured on GMO grains, and antibiotics.

The best Paleo meals are composed of meat and vegetables.
The best Paleo meals are composed of meat and vegetables. | Source

Eat More Plant Protein to Save Money

Moderation is the key with the Paleo Diet. Don't go overboard with your meat protein consumption because meat is acidic. It does make cancer cells grow. Doctors advise no more than two beef servings a week and fish three times, then there's chicken and eggs.

  • When you're living on a budget, then prime cuts of beef can be extremely expensive. You can opt to eat fresh organ meats like liver, gizzards and hearts.
  • Eating more plant protein will save you heaps of money. Hemp powder contains 50% protein and is loaded with magnesium.
  • Opt to eat a handful of nuts (pecan, almonds, and walnuts) every day. These are nutritious for your brain and heart.
  • Eat more greens too. Fill your plate with more above ground vegetables and eat no more that a fist size of meat.

There is a science behind the Paleo Diet, except, over consumption of meat over time has been proven to tax the kidneys. Perhaps, you might develop kidney stones and nutritional deficiencies, so beware.

Remember, meat is hard to digest. It takes over 24 hours for meat to pass through your digestive system and with veggies it is simply a few hours. You don't want to do any damage to your digestive system, since most neurotransmitters are produced in your gut.

Stir fried snow peas with garlic is a tasty addition to a Paleo dinner.
Stir fried snow peas with garlic is a tasty addition to a Paleo dinner. | Source

Eat in Moderation and Combine Your Foods for Better Digestion

With Paleo it's grand when you combine your foods for optimal digestion. This will assure you receive maximum mineral and vitamin absorption.

  • Eat complex carbohydrates with vegetable dishes.
  • Always eat meat, fish, chicken or eggs with vegetables or a salad.
  • Fruits are best eaten alone or in a smoothie made with coconut milk.

The normal Paleo Diet does allow pork, and smoked meats, but, these types of meats have been shown to cause cancer. It's best if you stay away from bacon, pork chops, smoked salmon and barbecued meat and fried fish. You'll feel light and hungry more often, but, your cells will be nourished and you'll feel healthier.

When you eat in moderation, you'll naturally enjoy optimal energy and lose weight if you have some pounds to shed.

Eating a vegetable dish for lunch is grand with Paleo.
Eating a vegetable dish for lunch is grand with Paleo. | Source

© 2016 Sheila Craan


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  • FlourishAnyway profile image

    FlourishAnyway 17 months ago from USA

    When you describe Paleo this way it doesn't sound so weird and far out. It actually sounds reasonable.