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How to Eat Something You Hate

Updated on April 1, 2013

That Tastes Disgusting

There are some foods that you simply just love to eat and others that you can hardly even bare to look at without having a sick bucket close at hand.

some foods just taste disgusting and no matter how hard that you try you just cannot bring yourself to put it in your mouth but your parents won't let you leave the table before you finish your meal.

Parents are a bit dodgy that way they make you eat single morsel on your plate and then they leave the stuff on their plates that they don't like themselves.

"It's good for you, It will make you grow up big and strong like your daddy, it will put hairs on your chest." Are the usual retorts when you say that you don't like food and to be honest I never really cared whether I had a hairy chest or not and my sister was mortified at even the thought of having a hairy chest.

Anyway I learned some tricks during those "Eat that or you are grounded," years that helped me to eat food that I still detest even to this day.

Eating Disgusting Food

 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic | Source

How To Eat Food That You Don't Like

Everybody has different tastes when it comes to food, some people like a dish in the same way that someone else can't stand it.

For the people in the family who like the food that is served up to them it is all well and good and they will enjoy eating a hearty meal but what are you going to do you really hate this food and no matter how much you protest your parents are going to force you to eat it.

Hold Your Nose To Take The Taste Away

The most common method used when eating food that you hate is to simply hold your nose as you eat, this is a good method and works well but only if you chew with your mouth closed; When you hold your nose and close your mouth no air is getting to the food so there is very little taste. The only problem is that when you have finished eating a bite holding your nose you will still have an after taste in your mouth.

Close Your Eyes And Hold Your Nose

This may seem like a good Idea at the time but because you are closing your eyes your food will taste even stronger, by removing the sense of sight it makes your other senses more receptive including taste and smell which totally defeats the purpose.

Hold Your Nose

Bryan holds his nose to disguise the taste of his sprouts, he claims that it really helps him not taste the food.
Bryan holds his nose to disguise the taste of his sprouts, he claims that it really helps him not taste the food. | Source

Eating Food That You Hate

Cut It Up Into Small Pieces

A really good way to eat food that you really hate is to cut it up into small pieces and mix it with the other food on your plate a small piece submerged in mashed potato and gravy will often remove the offending flavor or disguise it enough for you to eat it easily.

Give It To The Dog When No One Is Looking

My favorite method was waiting until everyone else was finished eating and were excused from the table, I would wait until no one else could see what I was up to and give it to the dog, Problem solved.

Swallow It Without Chewing

Straight from the fork and down your throat without the food even touching your mouth sounds like it would work well after all if it goes straight down the throat then the taste part is eliminated. Actually this is a bad method and very dangerous, firstly even though the food isn't touching your mouth you are still breathing through your nose or mouth inhaling the flavor of the food and still tasting it. Secondly you are risking the food lodging in your airways and choking yourself, chewing your food breaks it down to a size that your airways can cope easily with.

Smother The Taste

If you do not like the taste of something you can always use a condiment to reduce the taste of it, tomato sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper are all good items that will alter or smother the taste.

Eat Drink Eat Drink

If you have to eat something that you don't like then having a glass of water, milk or juice beside you when you are eating; they wont stop you tasting the food but if you take a sip after swallowing the food the taste will be washed away rather than linger in your mouth longer than necessary.

Food You Hate Poll

Have You Ever Forced Any Of Your Children To Eat Something That They Hate?

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Eating Horrible Food

We all have food that we love and we all have food that we hate, in a perfect world all of the food that we eat would taste great and no one would have any complaints or arguments at the dinner table.

Because of pushy parents though we sometimes have to eat things that we do not like under threat of punishment even if they do get to leave the food that they don't like on there plates.

We just have to grin and bear it and try one of the above mentioned methods with the promise in our heads that when we are older and have children there is no way I will make them eat something that they don't like.

I made that promise to myself many years ago and I have to admit that I have on occasion broken it and made my children eat things that they do not like, of course I also gave them hints on how to disguise the taste.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      I remember those days when mom made us sit at the table until we had taken a few bites of liver. To this day, I cannot eat it. I usually smother something tasteless with ketchup or mustard to get it down. Enjoyed your post.

    • HollieT profile image


      5 years ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      When I was a kid I used to dab a piece of kitchen roll (used as a napkin, I'm from Manchester and we were never posh enough for napkins) to my mouth, then empty the piece of vile food into it. I did this several times, problematic when the kitchen roll was full, or you were spitting a sloppy, fried egg into it. I leave the rest to your imagination!lol

    • Lisa Pearlman profile image

      Lisa Pearlman 

      5 years ago from Worcester, Massachusetts

      Lol Jimmy! I could see myself writing this post! This was always an issue for me growing up, as I was left at the table til I finished my plate, often remaining up to an hour after my parents and brother excused themselves. Luckily I had a dog I could surreptitiously slip food to under the table. I used all your methods, but you left out one useful method of deception...Napkins! I would have 6 or 7 crumbled napkins around me..was I a messy eater? Yes, but besides that, I would spit my food back into my napkin (sorry for the graphic image this may conjure up in one's mind) while pretending to chew my food as I wiped my mouth with said napkin. Voila! My plate would be clear, and the slew of napkins would get disposed of in the trash, and no-one was the wiser! Eventually, mom caught on, and realized the struggle was not worth it, she reluctantly resigned herself to the reality that I was a picky eater and to force me to eat certain foods was an uphill battle against the wit, logic and strategic manœuvres of one determined little soldier! ~ Lisa Pearlman "Love & Light"

    • livingsta profile image


      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      This is interesting Jimmy. I used to bury them along with tasty food and eat them or prepare them in a way that suits my taste. There have been days during my childhood, where i have thrown food away while my parents weren't looking, and I feel guilty about it now!

      Thank you for sharing this hub.

      Votes up and sharing!

    • SilentReed profile image


      5 years ago from Philippines

      There are a lot of nutritious food I didn't like eating when I was young that I now enjoy. We are more conscious of our health and the internet provide easy access to information. Perhaps the title of this article should be "How to eat something healthy you hate"? As for disgusting food, have you tried "Balut"? It's a Philippine delicacy that most foreign visitors find challenging to eat. It's boiled embryo duck egg. Good to go with an ice cold bottle of beer.:)

    • jimmythejock profile imageAUTHOR

      James Paterson 

      5 years ago from Scotland

      Thanks for your visit and comment Paul, It is always good to hear from you.

      I always tried to cover flavors I didn't like by smothering the food with other flavors.....jimmy

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 

      5 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      Ha. Holding the nose is the classic way. I also add, try not to breath until you have something that takes the previous taste away in your mouth:)


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