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How to Find Recipes Free

Updated on December 9, 2010

Free Recipes

This article offers advice on how to find free recipes that you’ve been looking for. Randomly searching for the recipe might work, but consider some of the options listed below. There are a lot of great websites with step-by-step instructions listed from people who have tried the food, rated the recipe, and provided their comments on what could be done to better the recipe. Toss out the ol’ cookbook and join the millions of people who enjoy trying new free recipes right from the Internet. You won’t be disappointed.

Free Recipe Websites

Try websites such as – This website offers the user a multitude of options. Search for your favorite recipes. Sign up as a user and customize your own website. Include all of your favorite recipes you have tried. Rate the recipes to your liking. This website allows you to post pictures of recipes you’ve tried. Rate, review, and comment on recipes you like or dislike. Print out the recipes you want to try in different formats such as a full sheet of paper or on an index card alone. It is easy to find what you are looking for because many of these websites offer advanced keyword searches. For example, type in homemade cheese pizza and you will find several different versions of cheese pizza. Sort your search results by ratings and choose to read only the 5 star rated recipes.


Search for the product

Do you like sweet and condensed milk or how about chocolate chips? Many brand name companies have recipes posted online for their product. Use a search engine to find sweet and condensed milk recipes or chocolate chip recipes and you will find some really good recipes with the products you love. Doing a product search with the word recipe at the end will generate some really great results.

Your Favorite Cookbook

Do you have a cookbook you love to use but are tired of the recipes? Try searching for that cookbook online. Many cookbook publishers will have a website chalk full of free recipes including new recipes that haven’t been published.

Use and Type in what you are looking for and you might just find it right here on How to make chicken marinade or how to make taco salad.


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