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How to Fry a Perfect Over-Medium Egg

Updated on February 15, 2011

Frying an over-medium egg is easy!

You will only need a few things to fry your egg:

  • a small frying pan
  • a small bowl
  • a spatula
  • a stovetop
  • some kind of butter or oil
  • an egg

Put the frying pan on top of a stove burner. Then put a tablespoon of butter or cooking oil into the frying pan. Almost any cooking oil will do, with the exception of olive oil. Olive oil has a strong flavor that is not very compatible with the taste of fried eggs.

Turn the stove burner on to a low-medium heat. If the burner is too hot then your egg will be brown and unappetizing on the bottom. If it is not hot enough, your egg will take forever to cook.

As the butter is melting or the oil is heating, crack your egg into a bowl. You just need to tap the egg ever so slightly on the edge of the bowl in order to crack it.

Don't smash the egg - the point is to get a crack running along the center of the egg so the inside of the egg has a place to come out. Widen the crack with your fingers if necessary so the egg slides out into the bowl.

If any of the eggshell falls into the bowl you can fish it out with your fingers or a fork.

Hopefully the yolk (the yellow or orange part of the egg) is intact, like a little flat ball. If not, you have the makings of a scrambled egg and need to try again.

When your butter has melted or the oil has heated in your skillet, pour the egg from the bowl to the pan. Allow the egg to cook for about 3 minutes, or until most of the "clear" part of your egg has turned white.

If the egg is sputtering loudly, your heat is too high. Turn the heat to your burner down.

Once most of the clear part is white and the yolk appears "set" (meaning it is settled into the white part and not flopping around everywhere when you gently shake the skillet), ease the spatula under the yolk of the egg by gently wiggling it back and forth and moving it slowly. Try to center your spatula as much as possible under the yolk of the egg.

When you have the yolk part securely under your spatula, lift the egg and turn it 180*, while simultaneously (but gently!) setting it back down in the skillet.

Let the egg cook about 10-30 more seconds, then remove your skillet from the stove. Slide the spatula under the egg and invert it onto a plate.

Bon appetit!


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