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How to Grill Juicy Chicken Breasts

Updated on June 23, 2011

Grilling, Chicken and Summer Time

Summer season is ideal for grilling out. The earliest hint of sunshine usually means move the  grill from the garage. Warm weather tends to be full of get togethers, having fun in the sunshine with plenty of barbecues and outdoor grilling.

Grilled chicken is a favorite because it tastes excellent sizzling straight from the grill. Chicken can be challenging to cook properly. Should you overcook it, you will get dried out, tough chicken. When you undercook it, it's very unsafe to eat. Grilling chicken breasts is often intimidating, particularly if you lack any expertise grilling chicken. By observing a few easy tips you can learn how to grill chicken breasts that are tender, moist, and taste delicious.

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How to Grill Chicken Breasts

Chicken is a favorite pick for grilling cooks. Cooking chicken over the grill creates a delightful main course. The majority of people grill skinless chicken breasts or chicken pieces.

Prior to placing the chicken on the bbq grill it is advisable to cut away unwanted extra fat. This can help avoid fat from dripping away and creating flames.

One particular issue you might encounter when grilling chicken is the chicken becoming dry with the higher heat. When grilling poultry try a somewhat reduced heat.

How Long to Grill Chicken Breasts and Chicken Pieces

Timing is extremely important when grilling chicken breast for the meat to end up being thoroughly grilled as well as tender and mouth watering. Cooking times can vary based on the temperature of the poultry itself as well as the grill, the actual size of the chicken breasts, and climate conditions can all have an effect when cooking outdoors. It is best to place the chicken breast above  the hottest location in the grill.

Generally, grill chicken approximately fifteen minutes on each side. Chicken generally cooks much better at medium heat for approximately half an hour based on the thickness of the chicken pieces. Boneless chicken breasts take less time to grill- about 15-20 minutes total. You should observe white colored meat without any pink. You should also  check the breast juices. It’s essential for the juice to appear clear, definitely not bloody or pink at all.

How to Grill Juicy Chicken Breasts

There are actually some things you can do in order to avoid the chicken from getting dried out. Leaving the skin on the chicken is best since the skin retains a substantial amount of taste and it  helps lock in the moisture. You may take it off after grilling for health reasons.

You may use a thicker marinade or even a light coating of vegetable or olive oil. This will also protect the chicken from the extreme heat and stop moisture from escaping. Marinade or a thick sauce are more effective and add more flavor.

Just turn it once and don't forget to take it off the grill.

One more idea way to stop chicken from becoming dry is grilling the chicken pieces or chicken breasts inside aluminum foil, along with a marinade. The foil will retain moisture.

No matter which technique you choose to use be sure to monitor the chicken since if it's not turned it may burn.

More Grilled Chicken Tips

Here are a few chicken grilling suggestions:

Start with a clean grill.

Use a cooking spray to coat the grill prior to putting chicken on it. This helps stop the foods from sticking (particularly when grilling low-fat meats)

Monitor the grill closely so that you can manage any flames and turn the chicken so that it doesn't burn.

Make use of the appropriate equipment for grilling. Use tools created specifically for grilling, such as extra long tongs.

Grilled Chicken Breasts for Dinner photo: ak37 @flickr
Grilled Chicken Breasts for Dinner photo: ak37 @flickr

How to Grill Chicken Video

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    • Dennis Merchant profile image

      Dennis Merchant 7 years ago

      It's worth to spend time for this mouth watering dish. Thanks for the tips and the picture is awesome...!!!

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      the reduced heat is the trick to less dry meat. I wasn't sure of that. I was being taught a little on this and was told the most important part is prepping the chicken, seasoning it for 24 hours, put some minced garlic all over it (a south american trick), cutting off the fat like you suggest and now I learned that lower heat is key too. Dry chicken just isn't good.

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 7 years ago from India

      Going supermarket for some chicken breasts, because the smart picture made my mouth watery. May be I'll add some curd to the marinade to get more tastier. thanks for sharing.