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How to Grow Great-Tasting Blueberries

Updated on July 21, 2012

How a Great Blueberry Taste

I grew up knowing the great taste of a blueberry. It is sweet, ever-so-slightly tart, with that teeny earthy and acidic flavor. The texture is nice and firm, but has the ability to collapse in your mouth once bitten, spilling its cool fruity juices across your tongue. The way that the slight earthy flavor seems to balance out sweet and acidic flavors is a miracle. Alone, the blueberry is cool, fresh and tropical in its own nature, but it also brings out many more flavors when added to a luxurious, savory or sweet dish.

The question to answer now, is how do I get that sweet, grabbing flavor of a blueberry when I grow it at my own home?

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How to Grow A Great-Tasting Blueberry

Blueberries love to be watered and love an acidic, sweet soil as well as living in the warmth of the sun..Blueberries need direct sunlight. It is not good for you have them growing in cold weather for one of the reasons being that the bees do not come out when it is cold outside. Bees will help the flowering of your plant.

Placing a touch of sugar at the bottom of the growing hole before you place the blueberry bush on top will help the plant produce more of its sweet flavor. The bigger blueberries on the bush will have less flavor. Placing the fertilizer above the hole for the plant will help this in the way that the water will run over the fresh manure and drag down the nutrients into the roots of the plant. The sugar and water will be absorbed more as the berries will absorb lots of water.

A teaspoon of sugar should do for the plant. Too much sugar may cause harm to the plant because it already makes the sugars it needs by soil, water, and photosynthesis and such processes. Heat and humidity are also very helpful to the plant when growing. From this conclusion, the best time to plant a blueberry bush is just as Spring begins.

Peat Moss

Adding Peat moss in the soil of the blueberry bush will help the blueberries to flourish greatly with flavor. Peat Moss has very high acidity levels. The other great thing about Peat Moss is, that, just like any other moss, it holds onto moisture. When the blueberry gets thirsty, it can borrow moisture from the moss. Peat moss also requires a generous amount of watering.

Crop Fertility Recipe

Every crop needs a healthy dose of all ingredients in the soil, and Pesticides do not seem to do a very good job at that. Using your compost of fruit and vegetable pees and egg shells add great uniqueness when added to soil for decomposition. Nitrogen and all of those other wonderful elements combine and flood into the roots of the plant and help them grow much healthier. When you add just a slight dose of sucrose to the mixture, something amazing happens... For the sweetness that the plant is not creating on its own, it does with a touch of sugar and new manure coveted with different elements of decomposition.

Depending on the blueberry plant itself, and depending on the toxicity within the decomposition of the soil, this all could prove hazardous. Although blueberries require lots of water, do not drown your blueberry bush in water and every once in a while churn the soil a bit.


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    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      Hi, interesting hub, I had never heard of these tips before! Blueberries are grown at an industrial level in the area where I live, I wonder what they feed the plants on! Your suggestions are probably better! Voted up and interesting. Have a good day!

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Raspberry man here :)