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How to Make Chicken Breast with Orange Gastrique. A Very Easy Orange Sauce for Chicken

Updated on March 10, 2009

You may have come across the term gastrique to describe a sauce for meats on the menu of a formal and pricey restaurant. You may have sampled these gastriques and found them wonderfully complex and well paired to the protein on your plate. –

You've probably never made one

And you probably don't know that a gastrique is just a fancy French word for "sweet and sour sauce" and that they are dead easy to make at home.

Easy Orange Gastrique for Chicken

These sauces are perfect for those days when after a long day's work; you look into the fridge to find a package of chicken breasts…and not much else! This simple sauce lets you serve that very simply prepared chicken breast with a sauce that will only take you a couple of minutes to make – but will make you a fancy restaurant-quality meal.

The instructions as follows are for a very simple orange gastrique, but these instructions are easily modifiable to your tastes and to your pantry. A gastriques is simply a sauce of something very sour (vinegar or sour fruit juice) with something very sweet (sugar or honey for example) and it will often have a little additional fruit mixed in.

Orange Gastrique (an easy sauce for chicken) to make about enough sauce for 4

The instructions as follows will not give precise quantities. This is because the acidity and tartness of orange juice can vary greatly, as can individual preferences for finished sauce sweetness. The idea here is to taste this sauce as you prepare it, and adjust the seasonings as you go. It is very easy to do so.

  • 2 cups of orange juice (freshly squeezed is great here)
  • About ¼ cup of fresh lime or lemon juice
  • ½ cup of plain white sugar
  • Salt to taste
  1. In a sauce pot, bring all the ingredients to a boil and boil until the liquids have reduced to about ½ of a cup, or reduced by 4. The sauce should be thick enough to coat a spoon at this point.
  2. Taste for sweetness/tartness and add more sugar or lime or lemon juice as needed.
  3. Salt to taste

This sauce is great with some simply pan fried chicken breasts.

To Prepare Chicken Breasts in Orange Gastrique:

Season a few chicken breasts with salt and pepper, and heat some vegetable oil in a heavy pan over medium high.

Add the chicken breasts and sauté on both sides until nicely browned and just cooked through.

Drain off any excess fat from the pan, and add in about ½ of the orange gastrique, shaking the breasts to coat them well.

Serve the chicken breasts with the additional sauce poured over top of the plated breasts.


It's a sauce that you can get ready as you are frying up the chicken and it will transform Plane Jane chicken into something really tasty and elegant.



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    • Stove And Home profile image

      Stove And Home 5 years ago

      This is a great way to dress up chicken. A wonderful change from the herbing and spicing of poultry.

    • FOREX NINJA profile image

      FOREX NINJA 6 years ago

      Useful and very educative hub you shared in here,thanks for sharing.