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How to Make Coffee Awesome

Updated on May 19, 2011

Coffee is Awesome! But, Can it Be More Awesome?

Coffee is awesome. I'm drinking some right now, and it is totally awesome. The thought of waking up in the morning and rolling out of bed to something like Yerba Matte or stiff British tea makes me afraid to the core of my being. I need coffee. Give it to me. Now.

Right, as awesome as coffee is, on occasion I feel the urge to get a little creative with my cup of awesome awesomeness and try to take it to the next level of awesome. This mostly started in college, and a roommate *blew my mind* when he added cinnamon to the coffee grounds before adding water.

Coffee is versatile! The simple recipe offers numerous opportunities to make subtle changes to make sure you get the most delicious cup of love whenever possible.

Adding Spices to the Coffee Grounds

My college roommate, a Pakistani immigrant, tried to make his coffee as much like his mother's traditional Chai as possible. My roommate was a genius. You don't have to buy strange flavor syrups at the grocery store to add amazing flavors like cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and nutmeg to your coffee. Just add a dash to the coffee grounds to take your coffee up to the next level of awesome.

You don't have to wait to add sugar to your coffee, either. You can add those to the grounds, too. In fact, sugar is one of the least-flavorful things to add to your coffee. Real maple syrup comes highly recommended with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Honey is a fabulous sweetener for coffee, that takes the lactic edge of the milk without being cloying or overt as a flavoring.

All of these things can be added straight to the grounds. As long as everyone who drinks from the pot wants the same kind of coffee, there's no harm in it. Beware, couples, for experimenting with coffee before your partner has had any is a sure way to start your day off annoyed with each other. Never cross your partners first cup of coffee.

Milk? Half-and-Half? Not today, thanks.

Milk? Cream? Half-and-half? Why stop there?

Pre-made chocolate milk is an excellent addition to plain, black coffee. It comes sweetened, and spiced with chocolate right out of the box. (Some people might also enjoy strawberry milk, but I don't know anyone who does. Strawberry milk is gross in coffee.)

Coconut milk is a rich addition to coffee. Various soy and almond and rice milks make a great addition to your morning cup.

Naturally, Bailey's Irish Cream is always popular...

But let's keep it family-friendly. Vanilla extract, just a drop of it, is a great addition to coffee. You don't need to buy flavored coffees when they're so easy to make at home with various extracts.

One of the best additions to coffee, I've found, is mint. A dash of mint extract will brighten up your coffee. Mint extract and chocolate milk together in your morning brew will liven up your cup of coffee for a refreshing and delicious change of pace. it's like an alcohol-free grasshopper being added to your coffee!

Did you add cinnamon to your coffee? Want to make it a cinnamon roll? Add half a pat of butter to your cinnamon-flavored coffee, and a drop of vanilla extract. A little creme and sugar and you've got a delicious cinnamon roll flavored cup of coffee.


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    • ThelmaC profile image

      Thelma Raker Coffone 6 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

      Great hub! I'm not a coffee drinker but I'm going to share this with my husband who loves coffee in the morning. I rated this hub as "useful". Keep up the good work.