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How to Make Cupcake Pop Bouquets

Updated on January 9, 2012

Cupcake bouquets are a fun way to mark any special event. Tell that special someone that you love them, put a smile on a child’s face, or use the cupcake pop bouquet to say, “thank you”, or even “get well soon.” The basic idea behind the bouquet is a simple one. You just pick the type of cake pops, turn those cake pops into small flowers, and decorate the entire project like it was one big flower bouquet.

Cupcake Flowers

Make traditional cake pops from a combination of crumbled baked cake and frosting, or use flower-shaped cookie cutters. Mix your favorite boxed cake mix or homemade recipe and bake in a long baking dish. Remove the cake from the oven and let cool for several hours, or until the inside of the cake is completely cool. If you start cutting into the cake and the inside is still warm or hot, you risk a crumbled cake on your hands. Carefully insert a flower-shaped cookie cutter into the cake and wiggle until it reaches the bottom. Cut out each flower and set to one side.

Insert a wooden skewer or a thick straw into the bottom of each cake ball or the bottom of each cake flower. Decorate the cake pops in any way you want. You can cover the tops with a variety of frostings, use frostings that dry hard, or even dip the cake pops into melted chocolate. Let the frosting harden slightly or the chocolate cool before continuing.

Filling the Vase

If you just place your cake pops in the flower vase, the cake pope bouquet might tip over or you might smudge the frosting. Fill the bottom of the base with a piece of floral foam cut to the same size and shape as the vase. The foam should cover the bottom half of the vase. Cover the top of the vase with a handful of blue-green glass marbles or neutral-colored rocks, which gives the piece a more realistic look.

Decorating the Vase

Insert each of the cake pops into the vase, making the layout or design of your cake pop bouquet. Push down on the skewer or straw on each cake pop until it slips into the foam and holds firm without shaking or moving. Once you have the cake pops arranged, finish off your cake pop bouquet by wrapping the vase with a piece of cellophane and tying a ribbon around the front.


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