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How to Prepare Deer Meat (Venison) to Make Ground Hamburgers

Updated on January 23, 2012
White Tailed Deer - Buck
White Tailed Deer - Buck | Source
Meat Grinder
Meat Grinder | Source

You've just shot that big buck in the woods...Now what? Of course you're going to cut the antlers off to mount on a plaque, but what about the rest of the deer?

After you field dress a deer, it's time to cart him home and send him to the butcher shop. Right? Wrong! You are going to process the deer yourself this time! Set up your garage because it's time to skin him out, let him hang, and then cut him up. It's important to let your deer hang for at least a day for most of the blood to run out of the meat.

Before You Start You'll Need:
A meat grinder with course and fine grinding plates
Pork Trimmings (We buy the 10 lb. tube)
Frying Pan
Large Tub or Container
Freezer bags/Vacuum Seal Bags
Hamburger Press (Optional)

Cutting the Meat
The important cuts for making deer hamburger are pretty much anything on the deer except for the tenderloins and the backstraps. After you've cut these pieces of meat into small, manageable pieces (no bigger than the palm of your hand) you are ready to grind, season, and pack.

It's important that you are very careful when using a meat grinder. The first way you will grind them is a course grind. The holes on this metal plate are larger, and it breaks the meat down for you before fine grinding it. You can choose to course grind your pork depending on how big the chunks are that you bought. After you've course ground all of your meat, it's time to fine grind it. You will do this with both your pork and your deer meat, mixing them together as you throw them into the grinder. You are left with a brown mixture with white spots in it, and you are now ready to season the meat.

Coarse and Fine Grinding Attachments
Coarse and Fine Grinding Attachments | Source

Make sure you have a container or tub ready to mix all of your meat it. You will be mixing with your bare hands, so make sure they're clean. Once the meat is in the tub, the seasoning mix is totally up to your taste buds. This is the general rule we follow:
3 Tbsp. Salt
5 Tbsp. Pepper
3 Handfuls of Coriander
Your recipe may or may not be the same, but ours usually doesn't stay at what we start with. How do you know what to add more of? You need to have a frying pan and some butter handy to fry little patties up while you're mixing to see what needs more or what should stay where it's at.

You've now got your hamburger meat where you want it, and it's time to make hamburgers and pack them away. You can use either your hands or a hamburger press to make the burgers, and then simply put them in the freezer bags, or vacuum seal bags that you choose and freeze them for future use!


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    • KStro18 profile image

      KStro18 6 years ago from PA

      We love deer meat too. Thanks!

    • dandelionweeds profile image

      dandelionweeds 6 years ago from Canada

      I like deer, good hub.