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How to Make Delicious Iced Coffee

Updated on August 25, 2011

Why Iced Coffee?

Iced Coffee is a great and unique way to enjoy your favorite brew. It cools you down during the summer and serves as a delicious alternative to hot coffee. However, many coffee drinkers make the mistake of brewing coffee hot and pouring it over ice. Although this is one way to make iced coffee, this method results in watered down, bitter coffee. I am going to show you how to make iced coffee that is strong, flavorful, and easy to make.

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What do I Need?

You don't need a whole lot to make a great cup of iced coffee. You will need:

1 cup of coffee grounds

6 cups of water

Coffee cream (optional)


Coffee syrup (optional)

Container big enough to hold grinds and water

Coffee filter

Container to hold the coffee

How do I make it?

Here is how you make your delicious Iced Coffee!

Step One: Mix your coffee grinds and the water in a container and let it soak for at least 12 hours. This is called "cold brewing". Starbucks and many other coffee chains brew their coffee this way to make their frozen coffee.

Step Two: After the grinds have soaked long enough, filter out the grinds with the coffee filter and let the coffee drip into the other container. The resulting coffee is called "coffee concentrate" and is very strong. For those coffee drinkers who want milder coffee, you can add water to your liking.

Step Three: Pour two parts coffee and one part water into a cup. Add your desired amount of cream. Next add some coffee syrup. Stir and add ice.

Step Four: Enjoy! Congratulations, you have just made delicious iced coffee!

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I know that the whole process can take some time, but once your cold brew your coffee, you will have enough coffee concentrate to last you a while. Cold brewing is by far the best way to brew coffee, and if your don't like your coffee cold, you can pop it in the microwave and heat it up! Cold brewing takes most of the acidity out of the coffee and leaves you with full flavor and all of the caffeine, which is why all the coffee houses brew their coffee this way. Hopefully, with the information in this article, you too can make delicious iced coffee similar to Starbucks.


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