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How to Make Homemade Iced Green Tea with Stevia

Updated on November 28, 2011

Good For You Tea!

Here is a healthy and refreshing option to replace that sugar laden coffee in the morning and is great for a summer day to beat the heat plus tastes great too!

1. Pour 2 quarts of water in large pot and bring it to a small boil.

2. Remove pot from heat and add 4-5 of your favorite brand of green tea bags. Steep them for about 4 minutes or until the water turns a medium shade of brown. Squeeze out tea bags until no more water leaks from them.

3. Add about four packets of Stevia to the tea while it’s still warm. Stevia is sometimes hard to break down and the warm tea will help the process. Stir-well until the Stevia is dissolved.

4. When green tea has cooled off a bit add tea to a 2 quart pitcher and store in the fridge. Add ice later in cup when for added coldness.


You do not want to steep green tea in very hot boiling water or for very long because it will cause the tea to form a bitter taste.

This recipe is for family sharing size. If you prefer a cup or two of iced green tea then use a tea kettle instead.

Some brands of Stevia have added fiber in them so if you want an extra benefit buy the brands with the fiber.

If Stevia is not your thing replace it will other healthy sweeteners or treat yourself with the real sugar if your body doesn’t care.

Fun Facts about Stevia

Stevia is derived from a plant in South America.

Other names for Stevia are sweet leaf or sugar leaf.

It has zero calories so it’s good for your waistline.

There are also flavored Stevia brands on the market and can be found in liquid form.

Japan has been using this healthy sweetener for decades

Bake with Stevia instead of Sugar

Check out this informative link for more info on Stevia


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