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How to Make Hot Chocolate for Adults

Updated on February 19, 2015
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.


During the cold months, a common drink for young and old is hot chocolate. It is tasty, warms the bones, and reminds us of carefree, childhood days. Yet as we grow up so does our taste. We still love that traditional old hold chocolate we got as a kid with marshmallows, but don’t we sometimes wonder if there are adult versions?

What Makes an Adult Hot Chocolate?

Obviously, it is the liquor. That differentiates most hot chocolates for adults though there are a few that the taste is more complex without the alcohol which might it more in the adult line of hot chocolate. Most kids like simple flavors. Some peppermint added in is fine, but too exotic and they usually refuse it.

An adult hot chocolate is one too exotic for a child or with alcohol.

Note: Don't confuse hot chocolate and hot cocoa. There is a big difference and helps make the drink a little more adult friendly. Hot cocoa is made with cocoa powder and water. Hot chocolate is made with cocoa powder and milk. Hot chocolates are richer and allow a lot more depth of flavor.

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Ingredients to Consider

There are some really interesting ingredients when it comes to adult hot chocolate. Some I do question, but some are pretty straightforward - mainly alcohol. But there are some that are just fancier versions that adults can enjoy. (Though a few kids probably will be demanding some of them.)

Special Marshmallows

Kids and adults love to have marshmallows in their hot chocolate. But adults can have very special ones. What about candied marshmallows? They can be coated in chocolate, caramel, syrup, or candy pieces. I’ve heard of some infused with alcohol.

Decorated Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate can actually be very pretty. I’ve seen some with toasted marshmallow cream, whipped cream with pieces of candy on it. One coffee shop put a cute little gingerbread man on the edge.

Marshmallow Creme

I know I’ve mentioned marshmallow cream above, but it is so tasty I have to give it a section of its own. I love the cream in deserts, but I honestly never thought of putting it on hot chocolate. And then to toast it? Wow! Add flavor with extracts, candy, and more.


What about getting your hot chocolate with whipped cream and bits of candy canes, stips of chocolate, or little mints on them? Red hots? Almost any candy can taste great decorating hot chocolate.


I think I mentioned under decorated about putting little cookies on the cup. These look cool and even taste great dunked. I know….Not very adult-like, but adults love their cookies as well.



Why not give a hint of the tropics to a cold, blistery night? That makes it all the warmer to drink. Add coconut flavoring to the drink or even coconut sprinkled on top of it. It tastes great and helps warm you all the way through.

Fancy chocolate

There are many different kinds and grades of chocolate. Some are richer. And many are very expensive. They are way too much to give to children unless it is on a special occasion. But that doesn’t mean adults can enjoy fancy hot chocolate.


Who can say no to putting schnapps into their hot chocolate? Okay, there are a few people, but this is a great addition to your adult hot chocolate. What is really great is the number of flavors it comes it. So your hot chocolate could have a vast number of different flavors at any given time. Even mix a few.


What doesn’t honey go with? It is nature’s greatest sweet gift. I love it my tea. Why not in hot chocolate?



Warm rum! Sounds delicious. It comes in a variety of flavors and can warm the body on a cold day. Add to chocolate and you have a great combination.

Chocolate liqueur

I think there is a liqueur flavor for every possible taste. Seriously! Why not chocolate? Try some of the others as well. Pick your favorite.


Again, you have a great alcohol base that comes in a variety of flavors. You can create all sorts of exotic hot chocolates though I wouldn’t suggest trying all flavors at once.

Pumpkin puree

I know, but some recipes claim it is good. I personally have not tried this ingredient, but why not give it a whirl? I love pumpkin. Maybe I’ll discover a new drink. If you try it, let me know.


This is one of the biggest flavors going around. I bet the hot chocolate for this one would be beyond wonderful. Got to let my daughter know about this. She could eat Nutella morning, noon, and night and all the times in between.

Cinnamon stick

I’ve had several hot chocolates that featured cinnamon sticks or even cinnamon powder on the whipped topping. It gives it a kick and smells wonderful.


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    • tlcs profile image

      Trudy Cooper 2 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Hot chocolate is a favorite of mine and my hubbies! After we have been out for a days riding or indeed when we are out it is the drink that warms us up! Love the hub.