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How to Make More Room in Your Kitchen

Updated on July 6, 2010

I have a small galley style kitchen. I guess that when my house was built, they didn’t really entertain much, or cook much. I am always looking for ways to utilize my limited space better. My wife and I love to cook, and we cook as a team. We each pick certain tasks and can punch out a dinner party in no time. A few years ago, while on vacation, she and I fed a small army a fantastic multi-course meal in a kitchen that was designed for that purpose. It had granite countertops, two separate sinks with garbage disposals. It had an oven and a separate broiler. It had 12 burners and a huge island in the middle. We have a small hallway kitchen, with a small fridge, 4 burners, 1 oven, 1 sink, and absolutely no counter space.

To combat our limited area, we did a number of different things. First, we bought an under-counter microwave oven. Utilizing the space under our highest mounted cupboards, we picked up a few more square feet of counter space. Second, we installed a bay window in our kitchen. We had a normal window over our sink, but the drop-in bay window that we got from our local home improvement store not only added a few extra square feet of counter space, but it also makes the entire kitchen seem so much bigger and more open. It is amazing how a little extra light makes a small room look bigger!

The next area that we focused on was storage. We bought and installed an under-counter spice rack. This allowed us to keep all of our spices at hands-reach without using up our all-important counter and cupboard space. We also bought a new fridge that was not only wider, but shorter than our old fridge. It is Energy-Star rated and holds more than our old fridge, but takes up less floor space. A real win-win for us!

We are planning to add a new countertop on top of our current one. Sine both my wife and I are above normal height, adding a few inches will only make our kitchen more user-friendly. Our plan is to add two inches of height and two inches of width to all of our counters with a composite countertop. This composite material looks like granite and can withstand high temperatures. We have also been toying with the idea of adding two feet to our kitchen through a major renovation. We cannot afford this idea at this time, but it sure would make everything easier on us! We have also been talking about cutting a hole into our wall that faces our dining room and turning it into a bar area. This would also make the room seem much bigger. Both the addition and the wall cutting idea are on hold right now, but we have made such good progress with our space-saving that we are both enjoying our tiny kitchen again. Hopefully, you can find other great space-saving ideas to help your kitchen too!


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