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How to Make Low-Calorie Stevia Lemonade Lemon Drink

Updated on November 5, 2010
Ice water isn't your only option!
Ice water isn't your only option!

What are the options?

If you're looking to for a low-calorie drink, your options are pretty limited. You can usually choose from aspartame- or phenylalanine-laden sodas, "juice drinks," and flavored waters or you can drink plain water.

While water can be refreshing, sometimes you need a little extra flavor or refreshment.

And, really, how healthy are artificial sweeteners anyway?

Luckily, stevia, a natural sweetener made from extract of the stevia leaf, has entered the market as a sugar-free, calorie-free way to easily sweeten beverages and foods.

Gather the stuff

You will need:

  • a gallon pitcher
  • water
  • bottled lemon juice
  • liquid stevia

Make it:

  • At the bottom of the pitcher, add a 1/2 to 3/4 cup of lemon juice
  • Count out 80 drops of stevia into the pitcher.  This is somewhat easier if you count out four groups of 20 instead.
  • Fill the rest of the pitcher with water.
  • Stir with a long spoon or stirring stick.
  • Chill lemonade in the fridge.

Points to Ponder

Adjust the amount of lemon and stevia to suit your tastes.  Some like it sweeter, some like it more sour.

This makes a little bit lighter of a drink than traditional lemonade.  It's far less sugary, and it's more likely to quench your thirst on a hot day.

The calorie count of this is extremely low compared to other lemonades.  The lemon adds a very negligible amount of calories.

No artificial sweeteners!

Have a big pitcher in the fridge at all times, and reach for some lemonade anytime you're tempted to grab a can of soda.  The lemon does a really good job of giving your mouth the same sort of refreshed feeling that the carbonation in soda give on a hot day.

Enjoy :0)


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