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How to Make Wheat Flour Puri Recipe

Updated on August 10, 2010

Quick Puri Recipe

Ingredients :

- 2 cups wheat flour

- oil for frying

- water

- salt to taste

- azwain (as per taste, optional)

Preparation :

1) To make the dough add wheat flour, salt and water as much needed. Knead gently with a soft dough.

2) Make a small size balls from the dough and roll it slightly to make the shape of puri. How you make chapati but it is a smaller version of chapati.

3) Or what you can do make a big chapati and take glass and press the top corner to make a small puri of same size.

4) Heat oil in a kadai over medium heat.

5) Now drop the puri one by one into the hot oil slowly and carefully.

6) Deep fry the puris till it turns in golden color.

7) Serve hot puri with tea, pickle or any vegetable.


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