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How to Make a Butterfly Cake and Butterfly Cupcakes

Updated on May 3, 2011

Butterfly Cake and Cupcakes Made Easy

For her 4th birthday, my oldest daughter requested a butterfly cake AND butterfly cupcakes. I love making special birthday cakes for my family, but I was not overly excited to pull double duty.

After looking through several detailed time-consuming recipes, I decided on a plan that would be much faster and simpler.The result was a simple, beautiful, butterfly cake, a dozen matching butterfly cupcakes, and pure excitement in the eyes of my daughter.

The best part is ANYONE can make these. The instructions below are very detailed in order to ensure a successful outcome, but the process is quick and simple.

Let's get started!

Butterfly Cake and Cupcakes Supplies

What You'll Need:

Waxed paper

8" or 9" round cake pan

12 cup muffin pan

Cooking spray

1 box cake mix of your choice ( I used Funfetti)

3 eggs

1/3 cup cooking oil

1 can white frosting

Sprinkles (I used red sugar crystals)

1 bag Wilton red candy melts found in the baking aisle (white chocolate chips, or almond bark with red food coloring would work)

Fruit leather or fruit roll-ups (I used strawberry Stretch Island Fruit Strips)

Small ziplock bag

Baking, Cooling, and Frosting the Cake and Cupcakes:

1. Mix the batter according to the directions on the back of the cake mix box. Spray the inside of the cake pan with cooking spray. Using approximately half of the batter, fill the cake pan. Place cupcake liners in the muffin pan. Fill each liner about 2/3 full with the remaining half of the batter. Bake as directed.

2. After your cake and cupcakes have finished baking, allow them to cool for 5-10 minutes.

3. Remove cupcakes from pan. Allow them to finish cooling.

4. Place a sheet of waxed paper on top of the cake. Place the cooling rack on top of the waxed paper. Holding the cooling rack firmly to the edges of the cake pan, turn the cake pan, waxed paper, and cooling rack upside down so that the cooling rack is now on the bottom with the cake pan on top.

5. Carefully, lift the cake pan off of the cake. If a little of the cake sticks to the bottom of the pan, don't worry. You will be flipping the cake over one more time, and that part will be hidden.

6. To save time, put the cake on the cooling rack in a freezer. A frozen cake also makes for easier decorating later.

7. While the cake is in the freezer, spread frosting on the room-temperature cupcakes using a butterknife. Use sprinkles if desired.

8. Once the cake has sufficiently cooled, place a cake plate or serving plate on top of the cake. Flip it over again so that the cooling rack, waxed paper, and cake are now on top of the plate. Remove rack and waxed paper.

9. Frost your cake, covering it completely, reserving a very small amount in the can. Extra frosting on the plate can be removed with the edge of a napkin. Use sprinkles if desired. Set the nearly empty frosting can aside for later use.

Making the Butterflies:

1. On a long sheet of waxed paper, draw a large butterfly outline and 12 small butterfly outlines. Flip the paper over.

2. Place 1/2 cup of candy melts, (or alternative listed above) in a ziplock bag. Microwave unsealed bag in 10 second intervals, squishing the bag with your fingers in between intervals, till candy is melted and no lumps remain. Making sure no excess air remains, seal the bag.

3. Using scissors, cut off a TINY corner of the plastic bag.

4. This is the most time-consuming part. Keeping the open tip of the bag very close to the outline, trace the butterfly on the waxed paper, then fill the space in between. Decorate with sprinkles. Repeat the process for all the butterflies. Save the bag with extra melted candy.

5. Remove a strip of fruit leather from package. Cut one long strip to be the largest butterfly's body. Cut 12 smaller strips for the small butterflies' bodies.

6. Using the bag with extra candy melt, dab small amount on the back of each strip of fruit leather and attach the body to to the hardening candy butterflies. If the bag of candy melt has hardened, microwave it again until melted.

7. Using a spatula, carefully remove the butterflies from the waxed paper. Put a small amount of reserved frosting on the backside of each butterfly and attach them to the cake and cupcakes.

8. Insert candles, put on your party hat, and bask in the ensuing "ooo's" and "ahhh's."

I would love to hear how your cake and cupcakes turn out.



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