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How to Make a Designer Leopard Print Cake Super Easy!

Updated on October 8, 2013

Make this Designer Leopard Print Cake!

Make your own Designer Leopard Print Cake! Super Easy to Do!

You can make your own designer looking photo cakes just like the professionals with Designer Edible Image Cake Stickers from Fill Your Heart Edible Memories. These are the same designer sheets sold to bakeries. You simply peel and place the edible image on your frosted cake; no experience as a cake decorator is needed, everyone can do it. Edible Cake Stickers are an amazing invention, you can create beautiful and festive cakes easily for all your friends and family for a fraction of the cost when purchased.

Designer Edible Image prints can be applied to any treat you can frost or dip in chocolate. Cake Stickers also work great on flavored icing, fondant, gum paste, ice cream, and fudge. You can make your own cake or purchase a plain iced, pre-made cake from the bakery to decorate with your edible image. You can also bring the edible image into your local bakery and most will gladly decorate your cake for you.

Edible Cake Stickers are 100% edible, Kosher and FDA approved.Fill Your Heart Edible Memories is a leading provider of edible images since 2002 and carry a large selection of prints for all your special occasions, as well as reproducing your photo, logo or drawing on to an edible image. This is the only site I have found that allows you to use multiple photos on one sheet in any sizes that you choose.Best of all, each sheet is only $9.95 with FREE shipping. You can make an 8" to 9" round cake with one sheet of the "Strip Cake Stickers". You can also ask for a customized size or print for no extra charge. Once you use Cake Stickers and see how easy it is to make beautiful cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and treats of all kinds, you'll be creating special desserts for all your occasions.

This beautiful leopard print Cake Sticker is perfect for any special occasion.

Creating this is easy!

1. Frost your 8" or 9" cake. You can also purchase a cake from your grocery store.

2. Peel the edible image strips (measures 2.25" x 10") from the backing sheet and place around the sides of your cake, smoothing as you go around. Matching each strip end to end. Cut off any excess edible image with sharp scissors or a razor knife.

3. Apply a simple icing border around the top and bottom of the strip to the cakes edge. Also looks great with out a border! To make an easy attractive border, fill a plastic sandwich bag half full of frosting then cut a 1/8" to 1/4" off one corner of the bag. Squeeze with medium pressure making a zigzag, loops, straight line, or balls.

Was that easy or what! Everyone will be amazed with your beautiful cake, you'll be the hit of the party.



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