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How to Make a Heat Storage Device for Cooking

Updated on April 1, 2014

Items Needed to Make a Heat Storage Device

Things Needed  for a Heat Storage Device
Things Needed for a Heat Storage Device | Source

How to Make a Heat Storage Device for Cooking?

Sometimes, it is very convenient to store heat, especially when you are away from home; for example, on a camping trip, the beach or just in a picnic get away.

who wouldn`t want to avoid the task of gathering twigs and sticks to light up a fire. Gathering just a few would be more than convenient to make some glowing coal. You can leave the rest to heat storage device for cooking.

Items Needed to Make a Heat Storage Device

A giant balloon
One brush
Aluminum foil

How to Mark and Cut Along the Newspaper?

Start by marking along the newspaper several strips 3 X 6 inches or so. You will need several strips to make a crust of about 1/4 inch around the ballon. Without unfolding the newspaper, you might want to mark and cut through several pages at a time. To cut them faster, you might want to use a ruler and a cutter to cut through the marks.

How to Cut Along the Strips of Paper

Cutting the Strips of Paper
Cutting the Strips of Paper | Source

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How to make the Paste?

Start by pouring around one litter of water in a pot and place it on the stove until boiling. While the water is on the stove, pour 1/4 of a pound of fluor into another container and mix it with warm mater; stir the mixture thoroughly to remove lumps.

Once the water you placed on the stove starts boiling, pour the flour and warm water mixture into it, stir the mixture and let it boil for another two minutes. The paste will be ready when it has acquired the consistency of glue. You might need to add bits of water or fluor until you get the required consistency.

Put the pot away from the stove and let it cool down. If you plan to start the project in a later time, store the mixture into the refrigeratos and make sure to use before the time period of one day or before.

How to Start Making the Heat Storage Device?

Lay some 3 X 6 inch newspaper strips on a flat table. Grab the brush and dip it into the paste mixture you previously made; spread the paste along the strips of paper, making sure you don`t spread more than the needed glue.

Grab one strip of paper and place it on top of the balloon, grab another strip and place it sideways with the other strip; continue doing this until half the balloon is completely covered with strips of newspaper. Let the first coating dry by placing the balloon on a place where the humidity easily will evaporate. It will get dry faster if placed under the sunlight.

Once the first layer is completely dry, you can add the second layer and repeat the same steps as in the first step. Now, add the third and following layers until you get the desired thickness.

Pasting the Strips
Pasting the Strips | Source

After all the layers have been added, cut along half of the balloon, so as to make a half dome shape. You can use a cutter or hacksaw blade. Now, take the residue of the balloon out from the dome.

Cut some aluminum foil sheets and cover the inside of the dome completely. You can paint the outside of the dome with black paint or leave like it is. If you paint it black. it will store more heat; the inside heat plus the outside sunlight heat.

Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Foil | Source

How to Test the Heat Storage Device?

Put some charcoal on fire till it starts glowing red. Alternately, you can use an alcohol stove that you can buy at any sports store. Place a pot with water into it, then cover the pot with the heat storage device and let it burn until it starts boiling.

The Dome on Fire

Heat Storage
Heat Storage | Source

After about three minutes you´ll notice how the water reaches the boiling point. If you paint the outside of the heat storage device, you´ll be able to store more heat inside the dome; the heat from the glowing, charcoal or alcohol stove heat and the outside sunlight heat.

Water Boiling After a Few Minutes

Boiling Water
Boiling Water | Source

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