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How to Make the Perfect Maccaroni and Cheese For Kids

Updated on October 3, 2011

There isn't a child out there that can say that can say that they don't like macaroni and cheese. Every kid in America has grown up eating macaroni and cheese. If you haven't or dislike it, then you haven't eaten it the way it's supposed to be. Although there are many recipes for kids dinner, this one is probably the most recognizable. My children (which I have three) have grown to love my macaroni and cheese. Yeah, anyone can make it out of the box, but it depends on who's actually making it. Some kids might not want to eat it because it's not from a certain brand like Kraft. Kids can be picky like that because my son is the same way. Here's what you have to do in order to eliminate that process all while saving money.

Instead of going all out and spending money on the Kraft brand, buy the generic brand and make sure that your child doesn't see you buy it nor prepare it. Important: Follow the instructions carefully. I said this being important because if not, your child will turn that plate right back. I've seen it plenty of times where my kids mother would prepare it for them without following the directions and they would not like it. The taste is different and then that's a waste of food right there. Yes, the kids really doesn't have a say so, but they have to eat something right. So again, follow the instructions on the box. If you have to, buy at least one box of the Kraft box and repeat their steps.

Make sure to have a 1/4 cup for the milk (it can me regular, low fat or 1/2% milk), a stick of butter (use the stick of butter and not the bowl one. For one box of mac and cheese you'll need at least 4 cups of butter which is equal to a half a stick) and the cheese mix that it comes with. For one box, use 1/4 cup of milk, 4 cups of butter and the cheese mix. Throw it in right after you drain the macaroni out.

Now draining it is very important as well. You have to make sure that the timing is right or else you'll be left with soggy macaroni and the kids will like it none. Follow the instructions or use your judgement by taking out at least one macaroni. If you feel that it's just right, then by all means drain it.

Ok, back to the mixing everything up. Once that is done, your mac and cheese is ready to be serve. I know that it's supposed to be a simple process, but don't let your kids fool you. They are smarter than you think and they will tell you if it's right or not. Forget the professionals, our kids are our biggest food critics. Hope you and the kids enjoy.


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