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How to Make the Perfect Pasta

Updated on August 3, 2011

Making the Perfect Pasta

Making the perfect pasta is actually quite simple and will leave your taste buds feeling very satisfied. The method, shown below, is my personal recipe. It was inspired from my trip to Italy where for part of the trip I lived with an Italian family. It was here where I learned the basics of cooking pasta. Enjoy!

What you'll need:

- Pasta! The type of pasta you choose is your choice, but I suggest Penne Rigate or Rigatoni

- Salt (sea salt)

- One whole onion (white or red)

- Garlic (4-7 cloves)

- Large (ripe) Tomato

- Fresh Basil (3-5 leaves)

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-Ground Pepper

-Ungrated Parmesan Cheese

-Bacon (one strip) Optional, but HIGHLY recommended


1.) Get out a large pot in which you you will cook the pasta, as well as a large frying pan in which you will sauté the vegetables

2.) Fill the pot with water, and lots of it. Add an ample amount of salt to the water. *I prefer to cook the pasta in very salty water. Doing so will add much needed flavor to the pasta.

3.) Cover the pot while it comes to a boil. *Pasta will be added at the end.

4.) While the water is heating up, put the onion, tomato, garlic, basil, and bacon on a cutting board. Chop each ingredient very finely into little pieces. The onion, in particularly, should be very, very, finely chopped.

5.) Place all the ingredients from step 4 into the frying pan AND pour in some extra virgin olive oil. The amount you add is at your discretion, but I suggest adding at least five tablespoons.

6.) Add some ground pepper to the mix and turn the heat to a medium-low temperature.

7.) Wait for the water in the pot to come to a boil (it should be close) and add the pasta. Generally, a pound of pasta will take about ten minutes too cook. *Be sure to stir the pasta often as it cooks.

8.) When the pasta is fully cooked, drain out all the water. Then, pour all the ingredients in the frying pan into the pasta and stir it thoroughly.

9.) Serve the pasta to eat with freshly grated parmesan cheese!

10.) Sit on the couch and watch some television.


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