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How to Order a Craft Beer

Updated on May 17, 2016

Light Beer

"What's the lightest beer you have?" is a common question asked by many people new to the craft beer scene. You may be surprised to find that a beer's color, for the most part, has little to do with its flavor. Instead, ask for a beer that is low in IBU's (International Bitterness Units) and a low ABV (Alcohol by Volume). Don't be surprised if the beer handed to you is amber in color or even dark.

If it is a crisp and clean taste you seek, ask for a session ale, Kolsch, or even an ale lager hybrid (lager made with ale yeast). These beers are a great transition into the craft beer scene and can really be enjoyed any time.

Ask for a Taste

Beer servers are typically passionate about the beer they sell and often have a hand in the brewing process. Don't be shy when asking for their opinion and a taste of the beer that peaks your curiosity. If you are unsure which beer suites your style, ask for guidance based on beers you typically enjoy at home.

Take Flight

Sometimes the best tactic when ordering beer is to try a flight (craft sampler). If you are able to choose the varieties, try to throw at least one into the mix that you wouldn't typically try; that double milk stout brewed with cocoa nibs may pleasantly surprise you.


Don't be afraid to enjoy the beer you choose. The craft beer industry may seem intimidating, but trust that any brewery will give their best to help you find the style to suite your mood, level of experience, and of course, taste.


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