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How to Pair Wine and Seafood

Updated on July 29, 2009

You do not need to be a sommelier or connossiere

''Wine and fish, make a great dish''. Indeed when it comes to fish and wine, you need to work hard on finding the winning combination just as you would do with any other food. While oysters and champagne are a classic, there are any many other varieties of wine that may complement and enhance your seafood dishes nicely. While pairing a wine to a seafood dish may appear quite, elaborate and daunting, it ultimately comes down to experimenting at times. In most cases, refreshing dry white wines are the way to go. Following are some suggestions.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is a winner regardless of its country of origin when it comes to accompanying seafood. Its bubbly frizz will often match to even the most elaborate dishes. When in doubt, sparkling wine may be the ultimate, no fail solution, something most people will enjoy with no doubt. Serve it with caviar, fried seafood and oysters.


The almost buttery, full bodied flavor of Chardonnay may be a great combination with seafood served with rich, creamy sauces. Because of the similarities between rich buttery sauces and the rich flavors of the Chardonnay this combination can be a real winning one. SavourChardonnay with some lobster served with butter or with a Crab Lois salad.

Sauvignon Blanc

The delicate, yet interesting flavors of fresh seafood served in a simple matter may match a nice glass of Sauvignon Blan because of its simplicity and intrinsic flavors of citrus and herbs. This wine pairs well with seafood cooked in light sauces with a touch of lemon or with olive oil-herb based sauces.

German Riesling

The mild sweetness of this wine may bring out great flavors of the sea from scallops, grilled shrimp and baked oysters. Spicy Asian seafood may complement the lingering sweetness of this wine.

Pinot Grigio

This white wine pairs well with seafood because it is light, mellow, slightly acidic with a musky after taste. It pairs well with scallops, steamed muscles and raw oysters.

It must be remembered that wine not only may accompany the dish but it may also mingle directly with the dish. There are several seafood recipes that include wines in the list of ingredients. These combination of sea and earth turn out to be true delicacies worth of the most expensive restaurants.

As seen, you really do not need to be a wine sommelier in order to match seafood and wine. Often, what works best is simply finding something you and your guests enjoy.

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      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      sounds tasty. Although, I prefer red wine.