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How to Prepare Delicious Spaghetti Squash

Updated on December 11, 2014

Spaghetti squash actually is a fruit; the fruit is still related with pumpkin, butternut, Hubbard, acorn, buttercup, or ambercup. It is categorized as a winter squash plant. Spaghetti squash also called vegetable spaghetti or noodles squash. Mostly, spaghetti squash have yellow colors but it is also has several kinds of colors like ivory, lemon yellow and orange. The shape is oval and has size like papaya fruit. The size of spaghetti squash seeds actually bigger just like pumpkin seeds and it can be eaten by boiling it or baked.

It is called spaghetti squash, because the flesh will unravel just like spaghetti strands when we scratch it with a fork after it's cooked. When it is raw, actually the flesh is solid and if we try to cut it, it will not straggle before it’s cooked but dense just like other similar fruits. Spaghetti squash contains rich nutrients, such as Vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and beta carotene and it is having low calories. Orange spaghetti squash has riches of beta carotene just like carrot and it also a bit sweeter than other colors.

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How to buy spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squash can easily get from the supermarket, fresh market, or fruits market. If you want to buy spaghetti squash, learn and find out how to pick a good spaghetti squash. Recognize the fruit by its oval shape, have pale ivory, yellow or orange colors. It has length of eight to nine inches and diameter about four to five inches. Don’t take any spaghetti squash that has soft spots and green color because it is not yet mature.


How to store spaghetti squash

After we buy spaghetti squash we have to learn how to store it if we don’t use it immediately. Spaghetti squash can be stored for about a month at room temperature before you cut the fruit. After you cut the fruit and maybe want to keep half of the cut you can store it in the refrigerator for about 2 days and it’ better if the fruit you wrapped with plastic wrap or food containers. And if you store cooked spaghetti squash, it is better if you unravel the flesh first then store it in plastic wrap or food container and put it in the refrigerator or in freezer if you want to store it much longer. If you want to use it again, if it’s from the refrigerator you can steam it for 5 minutes or if it from refrigerator, let the frozen part melt first then you can steam it.


How to cook spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squash can be boiled or bake in microvave or oven. Peeled the skin before cooking, and then cut in half vertically or horizontally depending on size of your pan capacity. If you bake it, cook in preheated temperature about 375°F in the oven or microwave more or less than 1 hour until the flesh is tender. If you boil it, put water into a pan and heated it then put the fruit into the pan. The water must cover the whole of the fruit so the fruit will be cooked evenly. To see if the fruit already cooked or not, you can puncture the fruit with a fork or chopsticks.

How to eat spaghetti squash

To eat spaghetti squash you must cook it at first by boiling or bake it as mention above, then, if it already cooked you can unravel the flesh using fork by scratching the flesh from the inside and it will look like spaghetti strands. Cooked spaghetti squash is ready to eat. Put it on the plate, and then you can add spaghetti pasta sauce and cheese if you want or other flavor enhancers. Or you can modify cooked spaghetti squash to other various types of cuisine.

How to unravel spaghetti squash flesh

Unravel the squash
Unravel the squash | Source

Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce

Delicious Spaghetti Squash
Delicious Spaghetti Squash | Source

If you can the make and prepare delicious spaghetti squash, anyone will be happy to enjoy this food, either for young and old. Try mix spaghetti squash with any different kinds of spaghetti sauces and other ingredients. You can make spaghetti using spaghetti squash by combining several spaghetti ingredients just like spaghetti that made from semolina (flour and water). You can make different kinds of spaghetti using spaghetti squash.


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    • Melinda Longoria profile image

      Melinda Longoria, MSM 4 years ago from Garland, Texas

      Thank you so much for posting this Hubpage. My grandmother made the best spaghetti squash for our family one evening when we were visiting. I've been wondering how to make it ever since. It's the yummiest dish! I'm looking forward to trying your recipe.