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How to Prepare Food like a Pro

Updated on August 11, 2016

It could be true that you are able to roast some beef or prepare green vegetables for dinner. However, you might just want to improve your game and become a better cook. There is a lot to do and you must know that nothing comes on a silver spoon. Therefore, the main question is, do you want to up your game and be one of the most experienced people when it comes to how to plate food? Below are the most important tricks:

Odd number arrangement

The first step in food preparation involves the arrangement of the nutrients you have. For instance, you need to place them on the kitchen table in an odd numbered arrangement. This will help you do your work perfectly. Moreover, this also applies to serving food on the serving plates. An odd number arrangement is still the most reliable. This means you put in groups of three or five. Do not use even numbers such as two or four.

Use a bright white plate

When serving food, you must know what exactly you need to use. For instance, the color of the plate for serving should be white. This creates a good impression of the food and therefore, no one can have any doubts. Bright white plates are ideal for any kind of meal. Moreover, the taste or the aroma becomes so sweet. A combination of sweet smelling food and a white clean plate will make you get the best appetite than ever before. On the other hand, multiple colored plates create a bad impression to the visitors.

Use your art skills

This is all about employing your artistic skills to make everything look great. You do not have to measure when arranging plates on the dining table. You can do it the natural way. For instance, moving a few steps back and taking a look can give you the impression on how you want them to be. You can thereafter, adjust the positions to ensure they are very perfect. Moreover, when you want to keep your food warm before people start feasting, you can simply use the available plates as canvas. These should not be metallic plates which are known to promote heat. This will make everything become the best.

Be flexible enough in your plate ware

Repeating a common thing each day finally becomes mind-numbing. For instance, if you use common standard plates today, ensure that you change them tomorrow. This will make most of the people to get drawn in and join your dining table. Simply become the best and you shall realize success in your chef techniques. However, you do not have to force yourself into something you are not sure about. You can ask the expert if there is anything new you might want to try out.

Stay simple

Simplicity is gold to every individual. Therefore, you must be able to stay simple even in your dining techniques so that most people can get interested. Do not try something that is too complicated because most people might not understand.


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