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How to Roast a Chicken in a Microwave Oven

Updated on October 16, 2011

There are times when you are cooking for your family and you find yourself running out of time to finish the meal. With a hungry family getting impatient for their baked chicken you promised yesterday for them today.

Of course we all know that you work better under pressure anyway. You stay cool and realize it does not have to take 60 min or longer to roast a chicken. It just takes a little ingenuity on your part and a more relaxed one half hour.

Well you think to yourself I might have 35 min but, the entire chicken will be cooked to perfection and you come off a hero again for your entire family.

Now there are a couple of different ways that this can be accomplished. One of them involves absolutely no extra work on your end so let’s concentrate on that one first.

To get the most out of your chicken roast the first thing you will need is the actual chicken. So grab about three pounds of chicken or smaller. Then you want to use a small mixture of olive oil, soy sauce, and paprika, tablespoon of mixed herbs and about three loaves of crushed garlic. Mmm... I can taste the chicken just writing about it.

Take the mixture you just created and mix them altogether in a bowl take the chicken you are cooking and mix it all over the chicken. Then place the chicken in a roasting bag and make sure it is sealed tightly by twisting the end of the bag and folding it underneath the chicken.

Take the bag and create a couple of 1 inch diameter holes in the top and microwave the chicken on high for about 30 min. When the chicken in the microwave has completed the thirty minutes timer just leave the chicken in there. That way it still continues to cook inside for about thirty minutes.

When removing the chicken after the 5 min setting be very careful because it will be extremely hot and may contain some steam that can cause burns when removing it. (Had to put my burn disclaimer in thereJ)

The actual act of roasting the chickening in a microwave is very simple and you will not have to make your family wait any longer then they need to enjoy a wonderful dinner prepared by you.

If by chance you don’t have a microwave or cooking the chicken in the microwave does not appeal to you can cook it in about the same amount of time in a conventional oven let me show you how. Using the conventional oven you want to preheat it to about 350 degrees. Now you have to joint your chicken

Don’t be dismayed it is actually quite a simple process. Start by cutting your chicken into quarters using a sharp cooking knife. Place the chicken on its back and cut down through the its nose. Then while standing the Chook on its neck with the long backbone towards you cut straight down using the notch you put in the nose as your basic starting point.

Lay the bird flat, and then cut from the neck to the tail through the center of the membrane that forms the breastbone of the chicken.

Then the last cut you are going to make is right between the thighs and breast to make your quarters. It is easily seen and you will know that this is the place to cut.

Place the four halves of the chicken skin side up in a large roasting pan. It has to be large enough not to overlap any part of the chicken. Brush the mixture you made above onto the chicken and bake for about 30 min about 15 min past you can also baste it once or twice if you like.

When the chicken is about done and you have about 5 min left in the oven. You can turn the oven on to a full 500 degrees and it will help give your chicken that crisp look on the skin. If you don’t eat the skin and are going to through it out anyway this step is not really essential.

Keep the chicken warm but let it stand for about 7 min so that it will cool down before trying to carve it. This will let the meat reflections take place which help the juices to flow making it moist chicken.

At this point no matter which way you decide to cook your chicken it will come out great and flavorful and your family will truly enjoy it. This way you are on time and on schedule with your other life priorities and not stuck sticking it out over a hot stove for most of the night.



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  • PegCole17 profile image

    Peg Cole 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

    I never tried roasting a chicken in the microwave. Sounds easy. Using the bag should help in keeping the juices inside. Good ideas.

  • profile image

    cosette 7 years ago

    'k, that is pretty amazing. who knew? thanks for a unique hub!

  • Lady_E profile image

    Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

    Useful Hub. I love roasted chicken but always buy it straight from the grocery store - already roasted. I'm such a lazy so and so, but hope to try your recipe one day. :)

  • SimeyC profile image

    Simon Cook 8 years ago from NJ, USA

    Interesting idea - sounds good - may have to try this one day!