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How to Roast a Pear and Roasted Pear Recipe Ideas

Updated on August 17, 2009

Roasted pears are a glorious thing, allowing you to savor a pear’s sweet subtle perfection without necessarily waiting for that ideal moment of ripeness.

Here are easy basic instructions on how to roast pears, followed by a few ideas for simple salads and other recipes that highlight these roasted fruit perfectly.

How to Roast a Pear

  • Cut a pear into 4 lengthwise quarters, coring to remove the seeds (but you can keep the stem atop one or more of the quarters, as it looks very attractive in the finished product). Repeat with as many pears as you'd like to roast!
  • Heat the heaviest fry pan or skillet you have over medium high, and when hot, add in a Tbls or so of butter. (More pears, means more butter is needed, obviously...)
  • Let the butter melt and then add in your pears flat against the hot pan.
  • Let the pears fry for 3 or 4 minutes and then flip over onto the other flat side, and repeat.
  • The pears are done when they are browned slightly and softened throughout.

Make these with pears straight from the market – no more waiting and watching for an eternity for pears to soften on the countertop! Once roasted, you have something that goes well with any number of dishes

Roasted Pear Ideas

  • Serve on pancakes with real maple syrup and toasted walnuts
  • Serve with a salad of bitter greens, nuts, vinaigrette and a tart cheese. Cheese that go classically well with roasted pears in a salad include: gorgonzola, old cheddar, stilton, parmesan, Roquefort and pecorino, amongst others! An easy late summer lunch of roasted pears, toasted walnuts, a balsamic vinaigrette and shavings of real parmesan cheese, served with some good artisan bread – pretty close to as good as it gets!
  • Roasted pear and brie quesadillas
  • Roasted pears on vanilla ice cream with honey and walnuts
  • A sourdough sandwich with thick cut bacon, butter, arugula lettuce and roasted pears
  • A bagel with cream cheese, bacon and roasted pears
  • Pork chops in a balsamic glaze (or a citrus glaze – something tart, anyway) and roasted pears
  • Sweet potato and roasted pear soup (a pureed soup) you could also use butternut squash, apples, in any combination. Try using a scant pinch of allspice for the flavoring
  • Served as a dessert with good dark chocolate and a glass of tawny or ruby port

Just a few ideas to get you started. So get out to your local farmers market and pick up some in-season pears, roast them up and then get creative, using them to compliment any number of dishes.


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    • Nilesh Pandit profile image

      Nilesh Pandit 

      5 years ago from Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India

      Awesome tips!These are good ideas ,I am going to implement my kitchen

    • 2patricias profile image


      6 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      This is going into my Recipe Index for HubPages.

      This has some good ideas.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Can I roast them ahead of time for a salad? Like the morning of?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You have described how to pan-fry a pear. Roasting is not done in a frying pan.

    • John D Lee profile imageAUTHOR

      John D Lee 

      7 years ago

      You are welcome - enjoy the recipe!

    • ALL4JESUS profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Love pears - even own a cookbook just of pears. Great post - very well written - thank you!

    • reversecharles profile image


      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Sounds great to me!

    • John D Lee profile imageAUTHOR

      John D Lee 

      9 years ago

      Thanks very much for all the comments - I hope all of you have fun with the great taste of roasted pears!

    • Ashley Joy profile image

      Ashley Joy 

      9 years ago

      Thanks for some good ideas. My pear tree is loaded this year and I have been wondering what I can do with them other than make jelly.

    • R Burow profile image

      R Burow 

      9 years ago from Florida, United States

      I love your recipes. I never thought to roast pears that aren't ripening fast enough. Great idea!


    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      You have, hands down, the best recipes on HPs. Thanks John!

    • judydianne profile image


      9 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

      Sounds delicious! I hate waiting for the pears to ripen. These are great tips! Thanks.


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