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Seasoning Instructions: How to Season An Orgreenic Frying Pan and Does it Really Work?

Updated on September 18, 2015

Is it necessary to season the pan?

Turns out, I do need to season the Orgreenic pan.

After Dr. Oz discouraged the use of teflon nonstick fry pans due to "toxic chemicals," I went out and bought a 12" Orgreenic pan on Amazon. I was intrigued by the commercials that show the egg sliding around without the use of butter or grease. The pan arrived within a week, and I eagerly put it to use right away, without reading directions. Upon cooking my first egg, I wasn't super-thrilled with the butterless taste--after all, the butter is what gives it flavor! But I was amazed at the non-stickiness of it as I flipped it. This non-stickiness wore off within months of use however, because I neglected the seasoning step.

Directions for Seasoning Your Orgreenic Non Stick Frying Pan

I set out to do some google research about why food was suddenly sticking. Apparently, the consensus is that you do indeed need to season the pan with oil before using it. It would also be beneficial to keep it out of the dishwasher, though I've always dish washed mine out of laziness. Some folks even say to only use water to wash it--no soap. Interesting.

To season it:

1. Cover the bottom with olive oil and let it cook until it just starts to smoke.

2. Turn the burner off and let the pan cool.

3. Rub the oil all around the pan with a paper towel and let dry. Easy.

I still use butter even after seasoning.

If you're missing the flavor and not so worried about weight loss, you can still use butter in your pan! I was more concerned about the safety of perfluorinated chemicals being released in the air with teflon pans, and not as concerned about using oils in cooking. Season your pan twice a year, and you won't need to use much butter at all, though I still do a little for flavor. Yum, now I'm hungry for an omelet.


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    • profile image

      Dan 13 months ago

      I seasoned ours well over a year ago and it's only now getting a bit sticky in one small area, so I'm re-seasoning it. I only use it for pancakes but it works great!

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      What is the hang up with butter? It is not causing your ass to grow. It is the grains and sugar.

    • profile image

      Cheryl 3 years ago

      I seasoned my 10 inch skillet exactly like it said to. The first time I used it, the residue is still there and my food sticks. I have another 12 inch skillet that was not seasoned and it works just fine.

    • Dani Shabadoo profile image

      Dani Shabadoo 4 years ago from Kuala Terengganu

      Hey there,

      nice post...

      I don't use all that butter, the greatness of these pans is that you don't have to grease them. Yes, seasoning is necessary.

      I found a great site with instructions on seasoning and reviews on many of the orgreenic pans.

      Check it:


    • profile image

      Matthew Nickels 4 years ago

      I am, "Matthew Nickels" and. I am extremely grateful. For this site. I bought seven new pans this month from. Teflon to OrGREENiC my. Mom

      did not season pans after. I started buying my own pans. After seasoning some my. Moms old pans-As a test, I noticed the difference in the pan effectiveness yesterday. I picked up a. "OrGREENiC" PAN and. I was not sure if it required seasoning!

      Now, I will. Thank you,

      Matthew Nickels