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How to Season a Cast Iron Grill

Updated on June 17, 2011

Cast Iron Grills Are the Best

BBQ grills are produced from different materials- stainless steel, ceramic or cast iron are most popular. For me, absolutely nothing is better than an old-fashioned black cast iron bbq grill. When you initially buy a cast iron BBQ grill, you should consider a few protective steps to ensure the grill endures several years and won't corrode. The particular tips that follow are known as seasoning a grill. So, here is how to season your cast iron grill:

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How to Season a Cast Iron Grill Step by Step

When you initially buy your barbeque grill, clean the grill using hot water and soap. Then dry well using cloth or paper towels. Don't allow it drip dry because you want to make certain you've eliminated all water. Then use a paper towel and a little olive oil to coat the grill with a light layer of olive oil. This provides a protective coating for the cast iron grill and keeps foods from adhering to it.

Once you have covered the BBQ grill lightly with olive or vegetable oil, put it back within the grill. Warm up the grill to moderate heat. Permit the grill to get hot for about half an hour. You've seasoned your own barbeque grill. It's that easy.

In the event you made use of your grill before seasoning do not worry about it. It's never too late to get it done. Seasoning the BBQ grill after using it unseasoned is preferable to never seasoning it and can help a lot to extend the life of the grill.

More Tips for Cast Iron Grills to Extend Their Life Spans

One more thing a person must do promptly once grilling is done, is to always use a wire brush made for just for cleaning grills and clear away carbon particles remaining from the grilled foods. You need to complete this task when your cast iron grill remains hot since it helps make getting rid of the unwanted, stuck on residue much simpler.

Yet another easy suggestion, even though it is not absolutely essential is this: Each and every time just before grilling, use a bit of olive oil spray and squirt this on your grill so that it is not dry. Be sure the burners are turned off or you might catch on fire! Spraying the olive oil on your BBQ grill will not just aid in the prevention of rust, but this will also cause the food to adhere much less to your barbeque grill producing pleasing grill lines!

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    • John B Badd profile image

      John B Badd 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      Great tips, I love grilling.

    • VagabondE profile image

      VagabondE 7 years ago from Hitting the road again

      Great info. I like cast iron pans but it has been years since I used a cast iron grill. I will have to try them again.

    • Leslie Jo Barra profile image

      Leslie Jo Barra 7 years ago

      I prefer using cast iron grills. Thanks for the tips.