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How to Send Cookies in Care Packages and Keep Them Fresh

Updated on January 25, 2012

Whether you are sending your favorite home baked cookies to your soldier overseas or to a family member far away, it is imperative that they taste just as good as if they just came out of the oven. How awful would it be if you sent someone cookies or brownies and they were stale and hard like a rock. If I got something like that in the mail I would be devastated only to wait on my favorite home cooked snacks and they taste awful.

The first time I sent my husband cookies when he was first deployed, he told me never to send him cookies ever again because they were so stale when he got them. I never once thought that they could go bad that quick, well I guess I was wrong. I didn't want him to not like his favorite peanut butter cookies anymore on the account of me sending him a few bad ones. So I did lots and lots of research and found a few things that I would have never imagined would work

  1. Bread?? My thoughts exactly. If you put a piece of bread in a plastic container that you are shipping them in, the bread will soak up all the moisture so that the cookies and brownies won't go stale. I tried this when I sent him his next batch of cookies and that's when I got the phone call that said keep them cookies coming. Boy was I one happy gal!
  2. Vacuumed Sealed Glass Jars: These are very hard to find these days, and depending where you are sending the goods to you can't ship the glass jars. They are perfect for shipping because you can vacuum out all the excess air out of the jars and you definitely don't have to worry about the cookies or other good breaking apart in the mail.
  3. Vacuumed Sealed Ziploc: OK vacuumed sealed bags are super expensive, I looked into get a vacuum sealer like how they show on infomercials. I'm already spending a lot of money constantly shipping all these care packages to my husband I need to be a little more money savvy. Ziploc brand came out with there on version of the vacuumed sealed bags, instead of a machine it's a hand pump. Hey mail cookies and work on the arm muscle, YES PLEASE!! But always put a piece of bread in the Ziploc because there is no telling if they will accidentally open during there flight.
  4. Tin Cans: Tin cans are always good, but how can you vacuum seal them?!?! It would just be the same as putting it in a plactic container with a piece of bread. The tin can is just preventing the goods from getting crushed and broken up.

So those were a few ideas for those who love to bake and want to send them to family members all around the world. Why let the sweet tooth stop at you, share them with everyone :)


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    • marlynpumphrey profile image

      Marlyn Munoz 6 years ago from Honolulu, HI

      as many of time i have sent the packages the 1 piece of bread has never gotten any type of mildew just hard because of it soaking up all of the excess humidity and air in the containers.

    • profile image

      HUnter 6 years ago

      Wouldn't the bread go bad and possibly make the cookies kind of mildew-ish?

    • marlynpumphrey profile image

      Marlyn Munoz 6 years ago from Honolulu, HI

      LoriSoard: Im sure that they will appreciate the home baked goods. Just remember that the military will only allow you to send home baked goods to people you know. If you send cookies to any soldier and they don't know you, they are required to throw them away.

      Kathleen Cochran: My husbands friends love it when I send the famous RANGER COOKIES.. It gives them that sugar rush whenever they need it :)

      thebookmom: Your very welcome

      DeborahNeyens: I got a phone call last night from him and he got the cookies.. He had a whole list of what he and his friends wanted..

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 6 years ago from Iowa

      Useful tips. I hope your husband gets to enjoy your cookies fresh out of the oven very soon!

    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 6 years ago from Nebraska

      Very helpful! Thanks so much for sharing, and welcome.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Thanks for the tip! An Infantry tradition is RANGER COOKIES, which are TollHouse cookies with everything in your kitchen added to them. Sent a batch to my son this Christmas in Afghanistan in ziplock bags and they were OK, but he wasn't downrange so he probably got them quickly. I'll remember the bread next time - if there is one. Thanks.

    • LoriSoard profile image

      LoriSoard 6 years ago from Henryville, Indiana

      I have wanted to send cookies to a couple of young men we know who are in the military. This should be very helpful.