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How to Start a Successful Food Blog

Updated on April 3, 2015

How To Start A Food Blog

Stating a food blog is a lot simpler than you might think. Maybe you have been put off by all of the jargon used. Its not really that hard. This step by step guide will help you to get up and started. Within no time you will be writing your own food blog

How To Start Your Food Blog


Step By Step Approach To Starting A Food Blog

  1. First Select Your Host. A host is much like a location as to where your blog will reside. It's a server that contains all of the files and posts of your blog. Its much like a home where your blog lives.
  2. You will need to select your domain name. If a host is your home then a domain name is the address. this will be a unique name that people will know your blog by. Its doesn't have to be a name that has a food word in it it could be something abstract like your name or even something to do with a yum as in a tasteofyum.
  3. Select a platform and a theme. A platform we recommend is called Wordpress. It makes writing your food blog so easy. A theme is the appearance of your food blog. Use a free theme supplied with wordpress or get a more processional look with a paid theme.
  4. You will need a good camera. Take the time and money to invest in a good camera. Food blogging is about photography. The better pictures win. Go for a Canon DSLR if you can afford one.
  5. Lastly you are going to need a lot of visitors.

These are the basic steps but a more in depth guide can be found here at How To Start A Food Blog

Also don't forget to search online for more information related to starting a food blog. A lot of websites have a lot of good content on how to get started.

A video is also good. Check this video out here How To Start a Food Blog and Make Money

With that all said if you are going to check online for information just remember that lot of information will not go into the specifics of getting traffic. I can't stress enough to have your own good quality photographs. Photographs are what make your blog stand out as unique and different to others and trust me people will return if you have good photographs.

Also good photography will mean that people will share these photographs and you will also be able to get them accepted into bigger food photography websites such as which will send a lot of traffic back to your site.



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