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How to Tell If a Passion Fruit is Ripe

Updated on February 21, 2018

What is a Passion Fruit?

The passion fruit is a fruit that grows on a vine and is native to Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. The passion fruit is round or oval and either yellow or dark purple. The passion fruit can be eaten directly or consumed as a juice.

The passion fruit is a good source of beta carotene, potassium, dietary fiber, and Vitamin C. Passion fruit has also been found to be good for people with high blood pressure and may help with asthma symptoms.

How to Tell If a Passion Fruit is Ripe

The passion fruit is not a common fruit that many grow up eating and therefore, knowing whether a passion fruit is ripe may not be second nature. Follow these simple steps to determine whether a passion fruit is ripe.

Look at the Skin

If the skin of the passion fruit is wrinkly that is a good sign. A wrinkled passion fruit indicates ripeness and sweetness. A passion fruit with smooth and shiny skin is unripe.

Look at the Color

An immature or unripe passion fruit is green. The passion fruit will change to shades of purple or yellow as it ripens. A passion fruit with deep color is ripe.

Feel the Fruit

A ripe passion fruit will be heavy and full.

How to Ripen a Passion Fruit

Like many other fruits, a passion fruit will continue to ripen after it has picked if you leave the passion fruit at room temperature. However, unlike many other fruits, a passion fruit will NOT get softer as it ripens, a passion fruit remains firm and a ripe passion fruit is not soft like many other fruits.

How Long Will a Ripe Passion Fruit Stay Fresh?

You can store a ripe passion fruit in the refrigerator for up to one week.

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