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How to Tell if a Papaya is Ripe

Updated on February 21, 2018

What is a Papaya?

A papaya is an exotic fruit that is sweet, low in calories and can even aid in digestion. The papaya is oblong with an orange flesh and distinctive black seeds. The papaya is native to warm climates, particularly Southern Mexico and Central America.

How to Tell if a Papaya is Ripe

Because the papaya is not as common a fruit as say an apple or banana, many people do not know how to tell whether a papaya is ripe. Follow these simply steps to help determine whether a papaya is ripe.

A ripe papaya will be predominantly yellow. Avoid a papaya with too many black spots and bruising.

A ripe papaya will give to gentle pressure but not be mushy. You should not squeeze a papaya because it bruises easily. A ripe papaya will give at the stem and should feel similar to a ripe avocado. The skin should be pliable but not overly soft.

A ripe papaya should have a light, sweet smell. A papaya will have the strongest smell when it is the ripest. You should smell the papaya at the base where the stem was once attached.

When a ripe papaya is shaken, the seeds inside it will bounce around.

How to Ripen a Papaya

A papaya will continue to ripen after it was picked if it is kept at room temperature. In determining whether an unripe papaya will ripen well, look at the spot on the papaya where the stem was. If there is a yellow ring there, the papaya will ripen well. If the ring is green, the papaya will not ripen.

© 2013 Maya Frances

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