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How to Use Frozen Eggs

Updated on April 25, 2013

Obtain the best eggs, then freeze them, YOUR SELF!


Prepare your own frozen eggs

Ideally, one should have their own chickens for the production of one's own eggs and chicken meat. Just because you are a city dweller, you no longer have an excuse for not having your own chickens. Two or three chickens (hens) will provide you with enough eggs for a small family. Some cities, maybe even your city, allow their citizens to have a few chickens. You will have to check out your own city to get the facts.

If you do not have an opportunity to have your own chickens, for whatever reason, you should find a reliable source of quality eggs and chicken meat.

This discourse is suppose to be giving you information about freezing eggs, so I had better get on with the topic.

Once you have obtained a good source of eggs you will have to get some basic supplies together to begin the process of freezing the eggs.

Small zip lock bags (one pint is a good size), thick plastic with heavy zippers to prevent damage to the bags or leaks.

Decide, whether or not, you want to store two, four or six "egg whites" or "egg yolks" to each bag.

Notice that I have instructed you to store the whites together and the yolks together. In other words, the whites must be stored in different containers, that is (if they are to be frozen).

If you have a deep freezer that will maintain a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit (-17.7778 Celsuis) you will be able to store your frozen eggs for up to one year.

This is very good information for those who have too many eggs, for whatever reason, and would like to put them into storage.


Dr. Haddox


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