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How to be a food critic

Updated on February 28, 2015

Step 1. Criticize your own food

Step one for becoming a food critic is to look at your own food and cooking. What do your meals taste like? Tasty? Mediocre? Nasty? Look for the contents of your dishes as you eat. Detect the spices, sauces, or cooking techniques. Make sure you can start recognizing how different flavors are achieved.

Is you presentation pleasant or is your dish sloppily thrown on the plate? Do you only serve buffet style? How does plating affect the dining experience? Are your dishes visually appealing or drab in color?

Step 2. Read food blogs and food reviews

Find a few blogs that write about a food that you enjoy. Or visit to look at the reviews (from users and professional critics) to see what they talk about, what info about the restaurant they provide, and to see pictures.

You can also read professional criticisms in the newspaper, see on Google, or sign up as a user on Yelp. All these areas will let you see how critics talk about dishes, cooking techniques, tastings, pairings, and what they recommend.

Do they talk just about the food? Are there discussions on the environment, ambiance, cleanliness of the restaurant? Following another critic's lead is a good way to develop your own food opinions.

Step 3. Develop an opinion

You must start drawing lines between good and bad food. Are you having a hard to developing a strong opinion? Break out of middle ground. It is better to have a love or hate opinion on what you eat than no opinion at all.

So many people dine without really finding and developing an opinion. Ask others. You'll find that many just eat what they've always eaten. Or they go to restaurants because their significant other has a stronger opinion. You'll never really find full joy in eating unless you develop an opinion and act.

I refuse to go to restaurants that I used to go to before. I would just say "sure" when others recommended going. Now I speak up and tell them where and why I want to eat at certain places. People will listen to you. is an example food blog- visit them!

Food blog picture
Food blog picture | Source

Step 4. Articulate your opinion

Don't reiterate what others say about a certain dish or restaurant. Now that you have developed an opinion, you can also uniquely articulate what you think of your dining experience.

For, you don't need to have the same or similar opinions about a restaurant. Even if one or many critics are contrary to your experience your opinion still matters! You can articulate the food from your perspective and help others that are like you.

Remember, it is better to be loved or hated than to not stick out with a conforming opinion. People will disagree with you. Trust me!

Step 5. Find a platform

Sign up for, Yelp, or get a free blogging site. There are many free platforms that you can use to start writing. I know there are a lot of paid sites, but you should start with a free resource. If it isn't free then you will likely procrastinate investing in it right away. Don't lose your momentum. Sign up with a place where you can post reviews and add to the discussions.

What sites do you currently use to get food reviews and recipes? Sign up for you own account now! This will bring you one more step closer to becoming a critic and writing your own reviews.

Take it all in and eat!

Step 6. Eat! Eat a lot!

You need to start getting out and eating. Avoid chain restaurants because those aren't interesting. Everyone eats at them and they all taste the same. My wife and I have a goal to try a new restaurant or at least make our dining experiences interesting.

Most people see it as expensive, but think of how many local chains you visit. By replacing your chain restaurant visits then you can see that it isn't too much more money.

We have a running list of places where we plan to eat. So, when the question "where do you want to eat?" comes up then we can always choose one on our list.

Giving up chain restaurants is great! It liberates you and definitely makes for more interesting food reviews. Try it.

Step 7. Start writing your reviews

There isn't a substitute for hard work and trial/error. You need to find out what your niche is but that won't be revealed until you have written a bunch of review posts. Are you writing for yourself (for future dining experiences)? Are you writing for friends and family? Or are you writing for looking to reach a wide audience?

Your style will be shaped over time. You will start noticing that your reviews will become better as well as your writing. In time your pallet will be able to detect qualities of meals.

Joining forums and groups will also help refine your reviews. Others can help share their tips that may be make a huge difference. It is exciting when you start getting noticed and receive feedback.

We can all be a critic. It just depends on how far you want your review to fly. Develop you opinion, find a platform, and start writing! Good luck!

How to become a food critic video

My first recipe: Special Eggs


My first recipe: Special Eggs

Prep time: 2 min
Cook time: 6 min
Ready in: 8 min
Yields: for 6 people

Special Eggs ingredients

  • 9 Eggs
  • 1 tsp Yellow mustard
  • 1 Tbsp Italian dressing
  • 1/2 cup Cheddar cheese


  1. Add all eggs into a oiled frying pan.
  2. Add yellow mustard and italian dressing when scrambling.
  3. After a few minutes as the eggs cook up solid, add the cheddar cheese.
  4. Cook until desired state. These will not harden as fast or as firm as plain scrambled eggs because of the oil in the italian dressing. I have had many enjoy a lighter cooking length and others prefer to have them browned a bit. Try it a few different ways.
  5. Enjoy. Good luck!

Do you consider yourself a food critic?

Do you consider yourself a food critic?

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