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How to cook gluten free and other

Updated on August 1, 2017
Udi's  Gluten Free Food
Udi's Gluten Free Food

How to cook gluten free and other

Has anyone noticed that a limitless amount of food has gluten in it more now than years before? It's because the wheat that we are eating now is so modified, isn't it? Have you noticed the limitless amounts of people trying to stay away from gluten because of how bad it is for us? Well, if you are either gluten free where you can't have any gluten at all or you just want to start eating that way, but there are other people in your family or household who don't eat like that, or don't have the allergy. How do you cook for them and yourself?

Well, the obvious answer would be cook one meal and let the people that can’t eat it fend for themselves right? No that is not how to do it. Why not cook a bit of both, yeah sure you might need to use two separate containers for each because the gluten free food shouldn’t be touching the food filled with gluten but it isn’t that hard to cook for both. For example, if you are breading something and you don’t have gluten free bread crumbs but you have gluten free crackers, crush the crackers up and use that as bread crumbs. Or you can find gluten free bread crumbs if you look hard enough.

I know that my family has been cooking both gluten free and not- gluten free for gatherings since last Christmas. When my sister came back from her exchange in Italy, she found out there that she was allergic to gluten. What is gluten and what contains gluten? Gluten is a substance, in grains and wheat products that are responsible for making the grain and wheat products have the elastic texture, of dough. A mixture of two proteins that causes illness in people with celiac disease. When you cook gluten and not- gluten products you have to use two different pans or pots, or whatever you are using to cook the meal because you can't contaminate the gluten-free food because that can harm the person who is gluten free pretty badly. Being gluten free is a limitless struggle to find what you can eat, and what you can't is a limitless struggle to have people in your house that can eat gluten as well, because trying to cook to meals is a limitless process in order to make sure that you don't contaminate it.

So many people nowadays are trying to go gluten free or they have celiac disease and can’t eat gluten at all. So that is why before you prepare a meal, you should ask your guests if they have any allergies. If you can accommodate everyone that is going to be at the gathering you have, then they will have a better time. We cook both ways most of the time or if it’s just the family sometimes we just cook gluten free, sometimes you can’t even tell. Although baking gluten free is a completely different story, because the gluten is the glue that holds everything together when you bake and you don’t have that, your baking is grainy. So let’s say you have gluten fig cookies, (Cui Z Figo Italian fig cookies) when you make the fig cookies, you make designs out of the dough. However, with the gluten free dough, you can’t move it around to make the designs as easy as you could with the dough with gluten in it.

If you are someone who eats gluten free, if there is a piece of kitchen wear that is used with gluten, you can't use that piece for someone who is gluten free. If you are actually gluten intolerant the more you eat it the more it will become a problem for you, so try to stay away from it. If you need to cook, for people who are not gluten free make sure you are using different cooking surfaces for each.

How do you cook gluten free and regular food

How to cook gluten free and regular food?

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How to cook two different types of meals

If you want to cook gluten free or eat gluten free read the ingredients on the packaging, and get a gluten free cookbook and use that to make your meals. Also if there are people in your house that are not gluten free, don’t sweat it you can cook both it might be difficult but after doing it for a while you can do it without even thinking about it, and you can make the same things with gluten that you do without it. So if you are gluten free don’t feel as though you have to give up eating the food you love, just make it without and see what happens and if someone else wants it with gluten in it then try it out. There are limitless dishes that you can make without gluten that taste okay you just have to find the right ingredients to make it work out the way you want it.

Cooking gluten free and non- gluten free you always have to make sure you are using separate things, or do the gluten free first before you do anything with gluten it in. Gluten can have limitless lasting effects or so it feels like to a person who can't have it which is never fun I have seen people have gluten attacks and those are scary. So if you are trying to cook for both make sure you have two separate pans, bowls, spoons everything will have to be done in twos but separately.

Cooking Gluten Free and regular food together sometimes takes a limitless amount of time depending on what you are making, so just make sure you have the patients for it, and you try not to mix up the gluten free and the gluten stuff. There are ways to do it, but you have to make sure you are limitlessly careful, that is the main thing when cooking gluten free and gluten foods for the company that you have over. That and Patients because sometimes cooking gluten free food might take a little bit more time then cooking non- gluten free food but if it is for diet reasons and it makes people feel better to eat gluten free why wouldn't you do it?

You can always cook both they just have to be limitlessly separate in order to not contaminate anything.

Here is a picture of a gluten free food list
Here is a picture of a gluten free food list

Gluten Free

Cooking Gluten Free and regular at the same time can be very difficult but if it has to be done, most of the time you won't notice. It can be challenging to get the gluten free meal to taste like the meal that has gluten in it, and for the most part, it won't ever taste as good but it will be bearable to eat. If you have an allergy to food of any kind it is always difficult to make things. However having a gluten allergy means you have to read everything and you would be amazed at how much has gluten in it that we don't even realize.

Have you ever had to cook with Gluten and without Gluten to accommodate for an allergy? How did it go Let's Discuss

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