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How to cook very tasty ''Dark meat broth''

Updated on September 24, 2010

Now i'll show you how to cook very tasty meat broth. :) I hope you would like it.

This broth mostly using for fair broth and meat aspic to boil.

First of all.

What you will need

  • 2kg Beef with bones, for example : neck-meat , pettitoes,sternal.
  • 3-4 spoons of margarine or butter.
  • 1 Carrot.
  • 1 onion or 1/2 of leek.
  • 1 piece (~50g) of calery root.
  • 2-3 parsley spray.
  • 3-3,1/2 litre of boiling or cold water.
  • 4-5 white peppers grains.
  • 2-3 tea spoons of salt.

Now the instructions.
Cut meat to pieces and joint bones. Wash everything with runnig cold water. Parch pieces of meat.Put fats to baking tray and roast them in oven on about 480*F temperature.Put meat, washed vegetables and root-crops to tray. Sometimes mixing roast for about 30 minutes.Put everything to one big and spacious pot. Pour over with water and boil on small heat.Skim comprised scum.Put peppers grains. In covered pot boil broth on small heat for about 3-4 hours. Filter and  salt it.Ice everything in cold water. Carefully put dow fat layer. Slowly put broth to pot, so that at bottom concentrated dregs wont  get there.

I tkink you should like this broth because its really very tasty. Fell free to try out this recipe :)


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