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How to cook very tasty chicken bundles in a biscuit with white sauce. A healthy low cost dinner

Updated on August 2, 2012

Yum Yum

I asked my wife to marry me after 2 months. If she had made what she calls chicken bundles on the first date I would have asked her then. This is a inexpensive low fat meal worthy of a king.

4 stars from 1 rating of Chicken Bundles

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 15 min
Ready in: 20 min
Yields: 16 bundles about the size of a biscuit


  • 2 Boneless skinless chicken breats
  • 2 Packages of canned biscuits 8 count., See picture
  • 3 table spoons Flour
  • 2 cups Chicken broth
  • 3 cups Bran flake cereal
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • 1 Egg well beaten, You can use just egg white if you perfer.

To the meat of it (pun intended)

Notice the picture to the right shows two kinds of cereal ( plain and with strawberries )

If you have a taste for sweet foods you can use the Strawberry cereal.


  1. Boil the chicken in the broth. I have a Salmonella phobia so I cook it for 15 minutes. Then take it out to cool. Save the broth for later.
  2. Shred the chicken with a fork or cut it into very small pieces.
  3. Mix the cereal and chicken together. I would use a bowl but whatever works.
  4. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
  5. On a large nonstick cookie sheet take one biscuit at a time and roll it out as flat as you can get it. A rolling pin works best but I sometimes just use the flat of my hand.
  6. Take a small hand full of the chicken mixture and put it in the center of the rolled out biscuit,fold it up and pinch the edges together. Like a small cal-zone.
  7. When all 16 are on the cookie sheet brush them with the egg.
  8. Place them in the oven and bake until golden brown.
  9. As you wait for the biscuits to bake mix the flour into the now cool broth with a wire whisk until dissolved completely. Bring the broth to a boil string constantly until it thickens. Add pepper & Salt to taste.
  10. Now you just place one or two on a plate and pour the sauce over top. Your ready to eat.

Just a few ideas

If you prefer less fat replace the gravy with a plain white sauce made from corn starch and water and salt and pepper.

If you want a little french flair that is very tasty add 1/2 cup of red wine to the gravy.

Please come back after you try it and leave some comments




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    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      As I've never had them I don't know.

    • bmcoll3278 profile image

      bmcoll3278 5 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      Katyzzz The question is do you like them?

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Now I know what chicken bundles are

    • billd01603 profile image

      billd01603 5 years ago from Worcester

      Good Hub, Sounds delicious,