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How to cut a mango - with a video

Updated on August 17, 2010

Step 1: Select the correct mango

You need to find a mango that is not too ripe yet. Over ripened mangoes have a pulp with a weird texture that people won't want to eat, so they're best used in something where the pulp is going to pureed.

In addition to a mango, you're going to need a nice hard surface and a paring knife or boning knife.

Let's stab that mango!

Alright, let's not go totally O.J. on this mango (hey, it's not an orange!). Place the mango on a flat side, and yes, it will have two opposite sizes that are less round. Slice lengthwise half way, then turn it 180 degrees and slice lengthwise the other way until the mango is sliced in 2. You will probably notice a large seed in the middle. That pesky seed is the whole reason you need this tutorial and you can't just chop a mango down the middle. Put the half with the seed aside, we'll get to it later.

Now you've got to show off your knife skills. Cut a crosshatch pattern (like the strings on a tennis racket) into the mango pulp, being careful not to break through the skin. Now press against the middle of the skin side of the mango to turn it inside out. Now it's easier to slice out the little cubes of mango pulp without getting any skin attached. Throw away the skin.

Take the half with the seed and use your carving skills to cut the pulp from around the seed and more of the pulp away from the skin. Add this to your pulp cubes. You should now have a decent amount of fresh cut mango. Enjoy.


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