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How to drink enough water

Updated on April 28, 2015
Many people don't know how much water they take
Many people don't know how much water they take | Source

If you want to watch over your health better, then be keen on how much water you take everyday. A man it should be 4 liters and a woman 3.5 liters. But how often do we record the amount of water we have taken? Glasses come in different sizes and shapes and probably no one knows how many add up to a liter. The secret is to start counting.

Surprisingly many people only take water right after a meal, but also many people complain of discomfort when they take a lot of water right after a meal. This may even discourage you from taking water. So where do you start? Just knowing when you should drink water could be the secret.

Drink water when you wake up
Drink water when you wake up | Source

Timing the best hour to take water will not only ensure you take enough water but also nourish your system when it needs water most. First, when you wake up, before you put anything else on your mouth, not even your toothbrush, take water. Turn on you body in the morning by taking as much water as long as there is room for it. You are hungry this time so take full advantage. Now you are on your way to your target. Secondly, if you realize you are not comfortable taking more water after a meal, then take as much water as you can some hours before you eat. You will not have to take three glasses to enhance digestion. It will also empty your stomach for that nutritional meal. Thirdly, take water whenever you take a break. Whether in office, class or at home gardening, take water to refresh your mind, body and soul. If you want to connect with nature, water is nature, look at it in your glass and swallow every bit of it.

Keep track on how much water you take
Keep track on how much water you take | Source

So lets see how your water will add up. Take up a bottle of water and count how many glasses of water go into it. Count how many of your glasses fill up the bottle then check the capacity of liters the bottle can hold. This will help you determine how many glasses you need to take to reach a particular mark. But the best method, is to drink water directly from the bottle, you hardly realize when the whole liter is gone. You may have to make irregular visits to the washroom when you start but make it a habit to drink water at particular times and your body will soon adapt.


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