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How to drink wine to best enjoy it

Updated on June 8, 2009

I am reading a free reader's club book, Accidentally Pregnant, Conveniently Wed by Sharon Kendrick. Published by Mills & Boon.

Aisling is a headhunter, she worked for an Italian billionaire Gianluca Palladio. Aisling might be a first-rate headhunter, she helped to find ideal employee for his billion-dollar organisation who brought piles of contracts.

But Aisling looks like too professional, her prim suits, severe hairstyles and frumpy shoes made Gianluca a bit curious to see a glimpse of the real woman beneath Aisling's businesslike demeanour. So he invited her to his countryside vineyard to attend the party.

Here are several paragraphs, Gianluca were talking with Aisling about how to enjoy wine:

"You know how to drink it -- to best enjoy it? No? Then I shall show you. First, we look at it." Gianluca held his wine up, swirling the claret-coloured liquid around the bowl of the glass, so that it left sticky little trickles running down the side. "See its beauty? Like the richest rubies, si?"


He shot her a look before briefly lowering his nose to inhale deeply, his dark lashes arcing downwards to shield the dancing dark light in his eyes. "And then we breathe it in. We inhale its bouquet. We engage the senses before at last we feel it on our tongue to taste it, and then , at last, we savour it." His eyes captured hers over the rim of the glass before taking a slow mouthful of the dark red wine and moving it around his mouth in a gesture which was sheer eroticism.

You see, the anticipation of pleasure only adds to the eventual enjoyment -- as it does with all the pleasures in life," he finished and waited for her to bristle with her very English disapproval. But to his surprise, she did no such thing.


Hmm, wine and beautiful girl! You may learn something from Gianluca, so you may use it to seduce a girl in the pub.


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